Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Derecho vs. Cold Front: 
What is the difference?

4:55 PM EDT 7/3 | (From the Advisory Team) Our thanks to Forecaster Josh Owens of the Maryland Weather Center on working with our Severe Weather Team to detail the difference between a Derecho, which struck the Mid-Atlantic last Friday night, and a Squall Line, which are commonly associated with cold fronts. Below is the graphic as posted in the forecast page on Facebook by our Central Maryland Team. 

Our hearts go out the many thousands of people still suffering through relentless heat on what is normally a festive and enjoyable time with family. We are hopeful you will obtain "independence" from your power loss, the heat and the challenges which befell many in the Southeast from Tropical Storm Debby, and the Derecho in the Mid-Atlantic.

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