Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Weekend by the Numbers
9:30 AM EDT 6 July
(forecasts for the lower 48)


4 = States that won't have rain in their forecast by Sunday

18 = States that will have Severe Storms possible by Sunday

25 = States that have Heat Statements TODAY

17 = States that will have Heat Indices of 100+ by Sunday

44 = Large Fires that are uncontained as of today

5 = Large Fires that are contained as of today

Forecast for 6 July

Record-Breaking Heat 
In Midwest Returning to East

"Everything Old is New Again..."
Peter Allen

11:45 AM EDT 7/5 (from the NWS main website): 
Heat and humidity will continue to be the story across the central and southern states as a resilient upper ridge expands over much of the country. 
  • A huge area of Excessive Heat Warnings and Heat Advisories have been issued across the Midwest
  • The combination of high temperatures and dewpoints will bring heat index values into triple digits and make for extremely dangerous conditions. 
As the ridge expands eastward over the next few days, much of the eastern third of the country will see a resurgence of the record breaking heat experienced last weekend. In addition to the heat, scattered afternoon thunderstorms are expected across a moist and unstable air mass in place from the Gulf Coast to the Tennessee Valley.

24 States have Heat Statements posted for today.


Western Fires still burning, but some are finally getting some degree...

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