Monday, July 9, 2012

“Singin’ in the Rain” 
– Gene Kelly

6:30 AM 7/9/12 (Forecaster Mike) – For most of the country, the heat wave that has gripped us for so long has finally broken! However, Monday will be a very wet one across a large portion of the nation. With 100s part of history now for much of the country east of the Rockies with a few exceptions, many of us are singin’ in the rain with Gene Kelly this Monday, as even a soggy break is a nice break from the heat!

Expected Precipitation ending 8 AM Tuesday from the HPC

SOGGY AND UNSETTLED (The Southeast) – As you can see on the precipitation map above, Monday will bring chances of storms to areas like the Central Virginia zone and into the Richmond area. Richmond is on the northern fringe of the “Slight” risk zone by the Storm Prediction Center for severe thunderstorms, and that extends southward into northern South Carolina. Highs in Central Virginia look to hit the upper 80s which will be quite a relief from the record 103º that Richmond saw on Sunday! People will be singin’ in the rain all the way across the south and into Texas. With much of the country being affected by drought conditions, this will provide a welcome dent in the drought!

HEAT WAVE ENDS! (Upper Midwest to Northeast) – The frontal boundary has sagged south, currently sitting over the central Mid-Atlantic. This is dropping temperatures across much of the upper Midwest and Northeast, including the Central New Jersey zone. From record highs up in the 90s and 100s, the mid 80s expected across much of the I-95 corridor will provide some very welcome relief. Trenton, NJ will be right around average for this time of year, with the average high being 85º. While the weather across the northern portion of the country is far from cool, we are at least back down to average!

Monday's highs in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast from the NWS

FROM A BLAZE TO A FLOOD – The Central Colorado zone has certainly been in the headlines in recent weeks because of the devastating fires that affected the region. Now however, the Colorado Governor has lifted the burn ban although local restrictions remain with welcome rains providing relief to the heat/drought sore areas! Not too long ago, Colorado Springs was smashing record highs in the 90s, but now rainfall is aplenty in the surrounding regions and Monday’s highs are expected to reach the chilly-in-comparison lower 70s! Showers and thunderstorms will be possible once again, but this is another cause for some singin’ in the rain as the fire threat was far more devastating.

DESERT HEAT (The Southwest) -  Where did the heat go? West is the answer. Much of SE California, S Nevada and W Arizona are now under an Excessive Heat Warning, and this includes the city of Las Vegas where highs have a chance to jump well into the triple digits, and even get close to a whopping 110º. The area west of the Rockies has been almost completely rid of heat related NWS advisories, but portions of the Carolinas near the Atlantic Coastline still have Heat Advisories on Monday. 

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