Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New Pattern Sets In

6:30 PM 7/10/12 (Forecaster Mike) – The weather pattern that set in on Monday is setting the trend for the rest of the week! As a result, much of the country will be seeing very similar weather on Tuesday. The break from the heat wave continues across much of the east, but the west is paying for this break in the east.

SOGGY SOUTHEAST – From the Outer Banks zone down to Texas and even into New Mexico, scattered showers and thunderstorms are possible. More clouds will cover a large portion of the southeast, but those in the sunshine will be the @Southern Georgia zone! Elsewhere, clouds will keep temperatures at lower levels than in the surrounding region, even to the north for some places.

Thank you to our Fusion Photographer Emily Rund for this mood setting rain picture!

WARM, BUT IT’S BEEN WORSE – Much of the Central and Northern Plains will be seeing some warm weather, but when you compare it to the heat wave recently, this may as well be winter. The Kansas City zone will be looking at highs in the lower 90s this Tuesday which is only ever so slightly above the average of 88º for this time of year. The warmest air will actually be in the north, such as eastern Montana, where many areas could reach the upper 90s or even into the triple digits!

SOUTHWEST HEAT WAVE – The desert portions of the southwest will truly be baking in the heat on Tuesday! Excessive Heat Warnings extend across much of SE California, S Nevada, and W Arizona. The National Weather Service warns for highs surpassing 110º across so many regions! They have even warned that Death Valley, California could get up to 124º! Now that is certainly frying eggs on the street weather.

Tuesday's scorching hot highs from the NWS in Las Vegas

BREAK IN THE NORTHEAST – Partly cloudy skies will cover much of the northern Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. Regions like the CentralPennsylvania zone will be heading to highs in the low to mid 80s! We are no where even close to cool weather across these region, but at least we are back close to average! 90s and 100s are gone from much of the region as the heat wave is kept at bay. Also, storms are taking a break as well. The threat for rainfall and storms doesn't extend further north than southern Maryland! Enjoy the cooler break for some outdoor activities while you can! 

Thank you to Central MD/Bayshore fan Connie for this fantastic picture!
Have a fantastic Tuesday! 

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