Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Same Old, Same Old

6:30 AM 7/11/12 (Forecaster Mike) – Wednesday has arrived, although the weather is again very similar to Monday and Tuesday. The same old stories are back again, and thankfully for many east of the Rockies, major heat is not one of them! Again, the heat has left the east, but has found a home in the southwest, where we have no shortage of oppressive heat this Wednesday.

WASHOUT WEDNESDAY – Rainfall will be in very close to the same areas today that it was in on Monday and Tuesday. The Southeast portions of the country from Texas to the Cape Fear and Carolina Coast zone are facing another day with showers and thunderstorms. The front that beat back the heat wave is still remaining stationary over the southeast, continuing to block out sunshine with cloud cover. Some people may be getting tired of the wet weather, but would you prefer the rain or the heat?

Rainfall ending 8 AM Thursday from the HPC

"COOL" AGAIN – From the Great Lakes to the Northeast, temperatures near average for mid-July will be prevalent. This includes the Northeast Pennsylvania zone where we are continuing to see the same weather. Allentown, PA is looking at another day just like the previous two as highs head back up into the mid 80s. Since we are still in the middle of the summer, average temperatures are by no means cool, but compared to the oppressive heat we could be seeing, some may stick with cool to describe the day!

SCORCHING AGAIN -  The heat may have left the east, but it is firmly entrenched in the west, where we are seeing well above average temperatures. For these areas, average is already scorching, and we are looking at highs some 10º above those averages! On Tuesday, Las Vegas tied the daily record high by hitting a scorching 114º, and similar temperatures are likely once again today. Excessive Heat Warnings cover the landscape once again across the region, so use caution when heading outside in these areas, because the hot weather is nearing dangerous levels.

From NWS Las Vegas

FIRE THREAT RETURNS – We do have to watch out for the wildfire threat once again, but instead of across Colorado, the primary area of concern is across portions of Montana and western Wyoming, where Dry Thunderstorms are causing concern for some fires to light up. The region may see some rainfall, but the concern is high enough that they are not, which would add to the threat rather than decrease it.

Have a fantastic Wednesday! 

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