Sunday, July 22, 2012

New Week, Old Weather

11:00 AM 7/22/12 (Forecaster Mike) – Even though we are heading into a new week on the calendar, it will look very similar to the weather that has been dominant recently. The heat will be strengthinging again, and storms will be possible for many places, although some places will dry out who have been very wet lately.

CPC 6-10 Day Temperature Outlook

CENTRAL PLAINS – In this area of the country we have had no shortage of heat, and the upcoming week will provide no exception. Including the Kansas City area, temperatures will be climbing well above the 100º mark for much of the area in between the Mississippi River and the Rockies! For the Northern Plains, we will get a little cooler this week because of constant threats for storms extending there and into the Great Lakes region. However, those further south may have to wait until as late as Thursday, Friday, or the weekend just to see highs slightly below 100º, which is still extremely hot.

SOUTHEAST – It has been very wet and stormy lately in the southeast, which does provide some much needed relief to the drought. For example, the Altanta area has seen a bit of rain, but not nearly enough. Still, there is a significant deficit remaining, especially across portions of the coastal Carolinas. The heat will build into the upcoming week, with mid 90s being very common once again. While each day this week will bring chances for scattered thunderstorms across a large area, widespread rainfall chances are unlikely.

NORTHEAST – The break is over across this portion of the country. Baltimore had one of the coolest July days on Saturday, hitting a high of 69º! This certainly not typical of summer weather across the region! However, we will be heading back to the 90s by Monday. Some of the coolest weather for several weeks was across the region on Friday and Saturday, but through Sunday and especially Monday and Tuesday, the cool weather is departing, and the heat will be back. Much of the I-95 corridor through the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast will be seeing highs in the 90s all the way until next weekend! While we’ve certainly had hotter this summer already, this is still slightly above our average.

Current drought conditions across the country

WEST – Besides some highly isolated showers and thunderstorms possible from New Mexico up north along the Rockies, no major drought relief is expected in this region of the country either. And especially for the southwestern states, the drought here is getting quite significant as well. For an interesting fact, as of July 17th, only one state across the entire country is completely drought free – and that one state is Maine. Every single other state across the entire country has some degree of drought, with Moderate – Severe drought covering a larger area each day. 

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