Monday, July 23, 2012

“Anyway You Want It” 
– 1980 single by Journey

6:30 AM 7/23/12 (Forecaster Mike) – There’s quite a bit of variety across the country as we head into our Monday so you can really have the weather “Anyway you want it”! However, many of you are probably living in a place where the weather is not cooperating with your wishes. Still, someone across the country is probably experiencing your desired weather day. The big exception here is for the powderhounds who are even looking for a bit of snow in the middle of July!

Sick of me yet?

HOT HOT HOT – If hot is the way you want your weather, there is certainly plenty of that across the country! The heat is again centered around the Kansas City metro region, although much of the Plains region is sweltering under 100º+ heat! On the other side of Missouri, St. Louis has had quite the share of heat! For the first 22 Days of July, only 1 single day (July 20th) had a below average high temperature. In addition, 6 different days in the month so far have set daily records for the location! If that isn’t enough, St. Louis has not seen temperatures drop below 70º once since June 27th!

St. Louis Temperature Data for July 2012 to date

SEVERE STORMS GALORE – It really isn’t “galore”, but there are some areas where we may have to be on the lookout for some severe weather this Monday! This might be for you if you are the type of person who loves to watch the storms roll through, although the most severe storms are not fun for anyone. The Storm Prediction Center has highlighted areas across the Great Lakes region as potential spots for severe weather. This includes the Northeast Ohio zone under the “Slight” Risk category. While this region of the country isn’t close to the most desperate drought situation, we could even use the rain here!

Temperatures for the Pacific Northwest

WHERE’S THE COOL?  - While the cool weather is the toughest to find across the country today, we can find in in the corners of the country. Much of the Pacific Northwest, including the Seattle zone is experiencing some quite cool weather as clouds cover a portion, and cool air seeps down elsewhere. The other place to find the cold weather is in Maine, the only state in the country that is completely drought free!

Have a wonderful week! 

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