Tuesday, July 24, 2012


10:45 AM 7/24 (Forecaster Mike) – With the Olympic torch in London for the 2012 Olympics, the games are on a lot of people’s minds across the world! For our Tuesday, we have our own little game, which may get a little intense as the summer heat battles cooler air along the northern fringe of the country. There is plenty of heat across the country this Tuesday, which is providing no shortage of energy for storms to develop. A frontal boundary separates the hot weather from the cool weather, but the biggest concern is right in the middle where we have another threat for strong to severe storms!

Jackson, MS National Weather Service Outlook

THE HEAT – We’ve been focusing a lot on Kansas City lately, and rightfully so because that city is right in the middle of the heat epicenter! However, areas like Central Mississippi are also experiencing lots of heat, even if it isn’t as significant as the sweltering heat across the Midwest. Advisor Shundra Stewart has warned of highs across the region in the upper 90s with heat indices likely surpassing 100º! The worst of the heat is still concentrated across Iowa and Missouri and surrounding states where many cities could easily surpass 100º, adding to streaks of hot days for the cities!

THE COOL – On the other side of the arena, we have the cool weather, which is mainly concentrated over the Great Lakes. It is actually a stretch to call this cool weather, but perhaps comparatively cool is the better term. 80s will be the most common across the Great Lakes, but some areas may surpass 90º, while others heading into the Northeast may not even get out of the 70s.

THE BATTLEGROUND – This is where much of the focus is across the country now – right along the frontal boundary where the heat and the cool clash. The temperature contrast is quite significant across just a short area. For example, looking at the graphic above, you can see cities like Des Moines, Iowa expecting to hit 105º, while Milwaukee not too far to the east, is expecting a high of 80º! That’s quite a difference across a relatively short distance!

Today's SPC outlook

A few zones will be on the lookout today for the storms, but a lot is centered around the Tidewater zone of Virginia. Temperature contrast can’t really disturb someone’s day too much. However, severe storms can. We have an elongated area where severe storms are possible stretching from the upper Midwest all the way down to the Carolina coast. Strong winds are possible as storms already fire up across portions of Indiana and Ohio. New storms are expected to develop, and these will race to the southeast. 

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