Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"Same Ol' Love..." 
- Lyrics from a song of the same title by country singer Ricky Scaggs

11:45 AM 7/31/12 (Forecaster Mike) – Happy Last Day of July! July is ending just the way it has been going for the entire month so far. If you like persistent humid and stormy comditions, then like Ricky Scaggs might say, it's just the "Same Ol' Love" for you!

Some are ending the month with pleasant differences, for example, some drought relief is coming to the southeast, while much of the eastern fourth of the country is not significantly above average in terms of temperature. However, others are not so lucky, for example, the worsening drought conditions of the drought in the middle of the country combined with the ongoing extreme heat.

Image from SPC
SEVERE THREAT – In the southeast portions of the country, we do have a threat for severe weather as we head into our Tuesday. This includes the Southern Georgia zone and much of the coastal areas of the Southeast. Rain across this region is certainly needed badly, as the ongoing drought worsens. However, because of tropical moisture earlier in the season, there are areas that need the rain even more than these regions. With over 80% of the country in drought conditions, almost everyone needs a little bit of rain.

HEAT BUBBLE – The core of the heat will be across Central Oklahoma, including the Tulsa area, but this extends all the way over to the Central Mississippi region as well! Temperatures across Mississippi have another chance to surge into the upper 90s to above 100º, but that is even on the cool side compared to what portions of the central Plains are enduring. Both Tulsa, Oklahoma and Oklahoma City have a shot at highs in the upper 100s, approaching 110º. Some locales across the state may even surpass the 110º mark! Combined with the oppressive humidity, we could see heat index values above 115º and even nearing 120º. Stay cool across these regions! 

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