Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Go Global With Us

11:30 AM EDT 8/8 (U.S. Forecast Coordinator Mike Natoli) - Foot's Forecast, a trusted source for local U.S. weather by readers around the world, has begun to "go global" in the past month. We have welcomed the London Zone to our forecast family, and just in time to celebrate with the thrill and mosaic of international athletic spectacles that is  the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games. Our local British Isles Forecaster, Aaron Taggart of Belfast in Northern Ireland, is co-leading the zone with Mark Ingalls, our International Team Coordinator. 

Talk about "inspiring a generation!" This is what is means to us in the weather world: A Trans-Atlantic collaboration between students with a passion for local weather. You can also visit Forecaster Aaron's local Affiliate page for Northern Ireland for updates in that region of the UK. We are thrilled to have earned Aaron as an important step in the right direction for our teams, on both sides of the Atlantic. Are we going to be getting social in Sochi 2014 ? Or getting ready to rock with Rio 2016 ? You betcha.

Ernesto at landfall on August 7, 2012.

ERNESTO ARRIVES IN MEXICO - After staying at Tropical Storm strength for a while, Hurricane Ernesto made landfall on the eastern Yucatan Peninsula, north of Belize, last night as a Category 1 hurricane with maximum winds of 85 mph, and has since weakened to Tropical Storm status. However, there is the possibility that Ernesto may re-strengthen in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico after passing over land. Make sure you stay tuned to the Tropical Zone for all updates across the world as the tropics become more active heading further into the peak months of Hurricane Season! 

HEAT CONTINUES - As another hot day winds down across the central Plains on Wednesday, although the beginnings of a cold front may push the worst of the heat a little further south. The Kansas City area will likely stay capped in the low to mid 90s on Wednesday, and while that is still very warm, it will be a nice relief from the persistant series of days well above 100º. There is hope just around the corner too! After this potent cold front slides through with scattered thunderstorms bringing potential drought relief on Wednesday night into Thursday, we may actually stay in the 80s on Friday for Kansas City and St. Louis! Besides two days at the end of July, St. Louis has not had a high below 90º since June 26th! 

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