Monday, August 6, 2012

A Great Britain Gold Rush!
celebrating 18 golds in 48 hours 

5:30 AM 8/7 (U.S. Forecaster Mike & the British Isles Team) Smile Brittania, you’ve got the Gold! After a initially  slow start to the British performance in the London 2012 Games, Sunday's turn around was positively astonishing. With a brief respite in the weather of late, our Trans-Atlantic Team working in the London Zone wanted to salute the amazing accomplishments of those great athletes of The United Kingdom of late!

Sunday 8/5 Medal Count provided by Forecaster Daniel
of Metro Atlanta, USA, on the British Isles & Int'l Team
As was widely reported on Sunday, this stunning reversal of fortune for Great Britain has now produced a heal of 18 Golds in just 48 hours! It all started Sunday morning, with Mo Farah becoming the first British man to win the Gold in the 10,000-meter race. Additionally, Ben Ainslie also became the most decorated sailor in Olympic history when he won his fourth Gold Medal adding to a great weekend for the British Olympians.

Interestingly enough, one might want to surmise the weather WAS a factor in this historic Gold Rush. We'd like to claim that it really WASN'T -- for some events were drenched in rain, while still others were quite warm and muggy. It could simply be that the staunch determination and where-with-all of the British people paid off in ways no one could have predicted, but everyone felt honored to share in the history-making moments... rain or shine. 

In honor of traditional London showers, we loved this shot from the second level of a double decker in downtown London, and thought you'd like it too. Sent to us by Maryland reader Alison L and her family enjoying the games there this week. This is looking down Fleet Street en route to St. Paul's Cathedral just after a clearing shower. It's a great glimpse of life on the streets of one of the world's most cosmopolitan cities. 

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