Saturday, August 4, 2012

"Standing Outside The Fire."
- Garth Brooks

9:05 AM EDT 8/5 (Forecaster Mike & Advisor Foot) - Happy weekend everyone! While this may have been quiet for a while, we have the weather heating up quite a bit across the country this weekend! I'm not talking about the hot temperatures, because we have certainly had an excess of that in recent weeks. Now, the tropics are exploding back to life after a lull for over a month, and the severe weather is becoming active once again as a cold front pulls through the middle of the country. 

If you've been "standing outside the fire" of weather action the past few weeks, that's about to change as we head further into August. For the latest development on the Tropics, please visit our multi-state team in The Tropical Zone on Facebook.

Tropical Storm Ernesto

Tropical Storm Florence

TROPICAL EXPLOSION - on Friday, we saw Tropical Storm Ernesto develop, but as that strengthens across the Caribbean, we now have Tropical Storm Florence in the eastern Atlantic as well! Ernesto is currently packing winds of 60 MPH as it moves to the west at 18 MPH. On the opposite side of the Atlantic, Florence is the weaker of the two with highs in the 40 MPH as it churns to the WNW at 16 MPH. Ernesto is still expected to be the stronger of the two in the future as well as favorable conditions may allow it to reach hurricane strength. 
Sea Surface Temp Anomalies for 8/4/2012

WHY SO ACTIVE? - Taking a look at the map attached below, we can see Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies for the western Hemisphere. For much of the North Atlantic, there are above normal temperatures in place. This includes both the regions that Ernesto is developing in and the regions that Florence is developing in. The warmer the waters, the faster and stronger Tropical systems can develop. 

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