Thursday, August 30, 2012

In The Tropics, 
It Is "That Time."

2:00 PM EDT 8/30 (Forecaster Jason M.) Although the NHC is keeping #Isaac as a tropical storm with 40 mph winds, the main issue with the storm continues to be its slow movement and heavy rain. The center is about 25 miles southwest of Mo
nroe, LA. However, effects extend well away from the center:
  • The storm is moving north-northwest at 9 mph, and will increase in forward speed over the next couple days as the remnants head up the Mississippi Valley and towards the Ohio Valley. 
  • Numerous flash flood warnings are in effect in Mississippi, and many people have had to be rescued from their homes due to floodwaters in Louisiana. 
  • A Tornado Watch remains in effect for much of central and southern Mississippi, Northeast Louisiana, and much of Alabama until 4:00 PM CDT.  
  • Preliminary severe weather reports to the SPC during Isaac's arrival on the Gulf coast show 13 suspected tornadoes over the past 2 days.
HURRICANE KIRK: Far out in the Atlantic, Kirk has strengthened into a hurricane with 75 mph winds. The system is notably much smaller than Isaac ever was. Hurricane Kirk poses no threat to the U.S. or any other land mass at this time. 

ELSEWHERE: Meanwhile, Invest 98L became Tropical Depression #12 at 11AM EDT, and is now Tropical Storm Leslie. This storm is not expected to recurve quite as far as Kirk will, and we will be watching it closely.