Thursday, August 23, 2012

Indicators For Isaac

7:25 AM EDT 8/23 - (Tropical Advisor Ed C.) Last night, I mentioned on my personal twitter account that it looked like Tropical Storm Isaac was jogging west-southwest on Satellite imagery. While reviewing more data this morning, the storm appears to continue jogging in this direction. So what might be causing this ? A couple of things. 
  • We have a Bermuda High in the Atlantic rotating clock
    wise pushing from the Northeast to the southwest which is to the Northeast of Isaac, and a Tropical Upper Tropospheric Trough [Tutt] rotating counter clockwise to the west of Isaac. 
  • Presently the Bermuda high is stronger and helping to steer Isaac West-Southwest. You can see this on the Image below, a surface chart showing these features which I've highlighted for you.

WATCHING THE TREND. If this trend continues for the short term, it may have the effect of delay's Isaac's interaction with Hispaniola and Cuba to the west. This would in turn provide the storm time to grow and intensify while continuing to transverse the warm waters of the Caribbean. Should this occur, Isaac stands a greater chance of surviving and emerging over open waters a bit stronger than he might otherwise would, once he does cross those Islands. We'll have additional details in the Tropical Zone and on Facebook.

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