Friday, August 24, 2012

Welcoming investors to our vision

Forecaster Paul, a senior in the Howard County Public Schools of central Maryland
How has weather impacted you? We know each person can relate a story about an event that affected their live in some way. These stories fuel the mission of Foot's Forecast to reinvent how local weather is delivered, everywhere. We're already hard at work in over 20 states across the U.S. from Seattle to Kansas to North Carolinaand many places in between. There may even be a team where you live, because Foot's Forecast is not one person, it is a team passion for authentic local weather shared by many. With your help, our vision can become a reality in your state or metro area.

Our team is driven by three values: 
  • Collaboration across county, state and national borders;
  • Passion for locally-relevant forecasts by people in the community; 
  • Innovation that leverages ingenuity, creativity and drive of our youth guided by a cadre of qualified professionals. 
Who is Mr. Foot? A certified Earth Science teacher for over 10 years, Rich Foot founded Foot's Forecast in 2004He, like all our members, is driven to engage the public with weather forecasting, while building strong teams to sustain a growing organization. This passion produced, in less than three years, a dedicated local team in central Maryland which has  earned a following of almost  47,000 readers in Facebook. For "more on Foot" visit this November 2011 story about our founder's backstory.  

Forecaster Mark Ingalls from Kennewick, WA with Mr. Foot in Seattle, December 2011
  • Our team vision is to engage youth with authentic opportunities that will enhance our nation's competitiveness now.  Foot's Forecast is the vehicle for our vision.
  • We cultivate talent in forecasters while building collaborative interaction with mentors and professionals who motivate our members to a strong work ethic.
  • Evidence of concept: In January 2011, the student-led Maryland Team earned over $500 in website ad revenue in a few days forecasting a major winter storm. Mr. Foot was in Seattle at a conference with Forecaster Dakota from Penn State.
Why we are different. Our team is threaded within the fabric of communities and cities in which we forecast. This cadre of 60 forecasters in over 20 states provide you with weather that is truly local, because we live actually where weather is impacting our readership. We tap an inexhaustible supply of high school and college students interested in our vision, because we believe in their talents and abilities. The result? Our forecasters dedicate to their craft daily, as early as 5:00 AM, before they even eat or do any other work. 

Forecaster Greg Jackson in the 9/25/2011 article by the Carroll County Times:
"Many jobs involve social media use as part everyday process."
What is our secret sauce? Assymmetric collaboration across county, state and national bordersWe concentrate on proof of performance in one core task: Providing readers the most accurate and locally-relevant forecast possible. The youth of our company are tomorrow's change agents, so we're not waiting for the future to arrive. We're challenging the future today by motivating youth and meteorologists alike to reinvent local weather.  Over 640,000 unique visitors to our website in just 12 months is an adventure that requires sustained financial assistance and expertise. We would welcome your participation.   

How investors benefit. We seek passionate investors, mentors and trailblazers who will partner with our youth and adult leaders. We're ready to show impact of resources devoted to our revenue-focused mission of reinventing local weather. Opportunities for you to go the distance with us include:
  • Financial assistance that directly supports forecast teams & zones in your area;
  • Programming expertise implementing our new Umbraco CMS website;
  • Professional engagement with our Leadership & Advisory Teams to identify specific return-on-investment contributions that will produce local impact for you.
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