Saturday, September 15, 2012

Weather intelligence.
When you need it most.

FOOT'S FORECAST LLC is a Weather Consulting, Decision Services and Public Forecasting company based in Baltimore, Maryland. Our staff of 75 forecasters include degreed and certified meteorologists, educators, media professionals and college student forecasters in meteorology, science and emergency management. 

When weather is on the move, and you need reliable, local intelligence for a decision that will affect thousands, there's probably a forecast team already in your state. Contact us about our local decision support services: 

CEO Rich Foot briefing Baltimore City Mayor Stephanie-Rawlings Blake 
and staff during the October 2012 arrival of Hurricane Sandy

Our Products And Services
  • Real-time interpretative services for facility operators and local officials
  • Dedicated on-site support to emergency operations centers
  • High-impact forecast products, graphic and documents for briefing 
  • Long-range climate education & seasonal analyses for risk managers
  • Engaging public outreach presentations at festival and outdoor events
Members of our August 2012 Grand Prix Team which served the 
Baltimore City Unified Command Post with on-site services for the event

Recent Partners & Clients
  • Baltimore Office of Promotion and The Arts: Served the 17th annual Baltimore Book Festival as the official on-site weather forecaster and worked directly in the Guest Services Tent with engaging "weather magic" activities for the public. 
  • Grand Prix of Baltimore: Served the Mayor's Office of Emergency Management with dedicated on-site support, real-time consult and weather briefings. 
  • Dew Tour/Ocean City: On-site support &amp and Fusion Forecasting to the Ocean City Department of Emergency Services for the Pantech USA Dew Tour in 2011 & 2012.
  • Caroline SummerFest: Public outreach &amp and forecasting consult to County Emergency Management and event organizers for August 2012 SummerFest.
  • Bel Air Downtown Alliance: Official forecasting service of the MD State BBQ Bash, First Fridays, Outdoor Movie Night, Girls Night Out. Delivered on-site forecast consult to event organizers prior to impending weather events.  
Ready To Collaborate With You

Before your next event, choose the team that' is a go-to source for authentic local weather by emergency managers, event organizers and tens of thousands readers every day: 


Unknown said...

This is an amazing innovation to make sure that the future events will be running smoothly. Since I'm taking a wedding planner course, this is a great topic for the technologies used in event organizing. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Here in Australia, it has been a long standing tradition and even a running comedic moment to recommend usage of dehumidifier in projection outlook for heat waves in the summer.

Anonymous said...

Something about the bad weather and employee attendance is what most company admins are unable to control. But under such times, employee safety should be consideration. I think an app can be used to centralized company to employee communication via SMS blast. This will serve as a facet integrated to employee engagement.

Unknown said...

I've heard a lot of tales about businesses experiencing meltdowns because of natural calamities and turbulent weathers. I guess it all boils down to having a strong sense of business resilience to surpass any of these threats.

Anonymous said...

A sudden change in weather may result to having a sickness to each and everyone of us. This is the reason why it is very important to keep our immune system at the top condition to prevent being sick.

Eddie Ellis