Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Today Is The Day
Authentic Weather 
Comes Your Way! 

Sneak Previews at the Official Store Facebook Page

Special Pre-Winter Pricing:
  •  $ 15   for the famous Epic Blue Team Shirt
  •  $ 25  for a Long-sleever in Epic Blue, Classic Bold or Purple
  •  $ 35  for a Team Hoodie in one of three colors

Best part? 
on orders under $50 
until December 5th

What does "Authentic Weather" mean? 
From the perspective of a local reader or forecaster, we define it as: 
  • Relevant to reader interests, communities, local businesses, public safety and education;
  • Locally-developed forecasts by a trusted team in your immediate area who has a applicable knowledge and interpretive skill about weather patterns.
  • Collaborative; incorporating local data, forecaster analysis and reader observations.
Forecaster Joey of the Maryland Team 
in the "Powderhound Purple"
What's hoodies got to do with it?

HELP WITH A HOODIE. For added value and a way of saying thanks for your support, we're also creating a way for readers to tangibly support these effort through a purchase from our soon-to-launch online store. The start of this year-long Capital Campaign is designed to raise the funds necessary to support three reader-focused objectives:

1. Launch an innovative, locally-focused redesign of footsforecast.org 
2.  Expand your access to our content with easy-to-follow menus, radar and clickable maps, improving the experience for all, not just those in Facebook. 
3. Integrate new site content into a locally-relevant Smartphone app

INVITING YOUR INPUT. Receiving weather information from our team, or other sources, may be low- or no- cost to some, but it requires a great deal of time and financial investment by us. To maintain, improve and expand our team's products and services, we are first seeking input from readers on what they want in a forecast. We invite your unfiltered recommendations directly to our Authentic Weather Research Team: research@footsforecast.org

A TIMED TARGET. The six-month funding target for this product- and service-center capital effort is $10,000 on or before March 31, 2013 - or $5,000 by December 31, 2012. Proceeds from our hoodies, shirts and other specialty items, as well as ad revenue from our app, will be directly re-invested in improving the reader experience at a local level. 

If you'd like to support our vision to keep the local in weather
your help through purchase of one hoodie will have impact

Submit a "pre-order" to orders@footsforecast.org

Local teams, authentic products
At Foot's Forecast, we don't just predict weather, we live it with you. To better deliver the locally-produced weather forecasts you've come to rely on, the apparel portion of our campaign is locally printed from a company in Baltimore, MD - not from an overseas printer. That's the second part of authentic: The products are made right here by our actual team members, not from a big impersonal corporate entity. 

  • $10 for a youth-sized shirt or $15 for adult sizes (sizes up to 6 XL available).
  • $25 for a long-sleever with specialized FF artwork on the sleeve or shoulder (you'll get to select from several designs).
  • $35 for a hoodie with color and seasonal options, such as our "Powderhound Purple" for the snow sports community.
  • Special pricing for multi-item orders or a custom set for your organization.
Forecaster Joey, 2nd from right, is a custom printer with Just Extreme Art.
With lady forecasters at April 2012 USA Science & Engineering Fest
Our Print Partner: Just Extreme Graphic.  Whether you're a long-time "Foots" follower or have just learned about us, you'll benefit from a special partnership we have with Baltimore screen-printer Just Extreme Graphics. Locally-owned and operated, JustExtreme has teamed up with Foot's Forecast to produce an inspiring and innovative new line of team apparel.  
 We look forward to seeing you in the "Epic Blue." 
Thanks for your strong support of our team. 

*Seal of An Authentic Weather Forecaster
Featured below is Forecaster Ross Harris 
of our Cape Fear & Carolina Coast Zone
high atop Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina

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Anonymous said...

I love their thermal hoodies where they keep me warm even on a winter's morning of trail running. They also have fit free gym clothes for the gym rat.

Unknown said...

These are great athletic wears. Especially the hoodies. You could actually put on a softball bases logo there to customize it for a baseball team. That'd be nice.