Friday, September 21, 2012

More Epic Blue. Just For You.
Catch the glory of a blue sky day with our team shirt! 
Southeast PA Forecaster Robert Johnson relishing sunshine
at the Caroline County, MD SummerFest in August 2012. 
When we're graced with those breath-taking clear skies, regardless of the temperature, we can't help but think of this classic line from Louie Armstrong's timeless song: "I see skies of blue, and clouds of white. Bright blessed days, dark sacred nights."  We know you LIVE for the BLUE. Doesn't matter when or where the sky goes sapphire, right?  Your spirits are highest when the sun is brightest. 

On days like these, ever want to capture that feeling you could live forever? Then wrap yourself in our exclusive, Foot's Forecast only EPIC BLUE shirt, now available for a small donation that will have a big impact on our services for you.

LEFT: "EPIC LIGHT"                          RIGHT: "EPIC BOLD"

How To Get Epic Today.
  • A donation of $25 for adult sizes, and $15 for youth sizes.
  • Send a pre-request to  
  • Include your name, address, sizes and quantity.
  • We'll send a followup with details on our "coming soon" online storm
What We're Doing. hWhen skies go Epic like this, your multi-state team of Foot's Forecast actually hunkers down on hard data analysis and preparations for an interesting winter ahead. We would welcome your help to continue developing:
  • An easy-access website with locally-relevant content from all our zones;
  • A FREE SmartPhone app in coding by one of our media partners
  • A dedicated local team of forecasters in your county or state
Why You'll Benefit. Each donation-funded shirt will strengthen our level of forecast services for all readers heading toward winter. With your help, we can recruit and train more future meteorologists, enhance zone coverage to the county level, and launch an innovative new website for the benefit of all readers. 

Forecaster Paul from Ocean City, MD looks forward to
seeing you be part of the Authentic Weather Campaign.
Thanks for your years of loyal support of our team, and we hope you can get out to enjoy the Epic-ness of today's blue! 

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