Sunday, September 16, 2012

Powderhound Purple Hoodies
from the Winter Stormcast Team

Are you a skier, snowboarder or just live for tons of powder?

Two feet of snow? "Eh, not enough." Wind chill of -20 F? "C'mon, can't it get colder than that?" If you're part of this crowd, fess up now: You're a Powderhound. Chances are, when that first rumor of snow flies, Foot's Forecast is where you go. For some, winter might seem far away, but for true Powderhounds... it never leaves. 

 Forecaster Dakota, A dyed-in-the-wool Powderhound.
Back in the bad old days. Remember that unstoppable go-to team of winter forecasters who nailed Snowmageddon? Who can forget those spot-on videos from Forecaster Dakota in the raging blizzard, or the 3 AM updates from Winterman? That's was your Winter Stormcast Team  of Foot's Forecast. They're still at it.

With your support of the Authentic Weather campaign via a donation of $40.00, you can help us expand our winter weather forecasting services to benefit all readers. Just in case winter decides to do another full-court press.

How To Be A Powderhound. (rule #1 - have to love snow, all the time ;-)

  1. Order a hoody, long-sleever or regular tee in any size from Youth Small to 6 XL. For hoodies, different fabrics available if you wish to upgrade.
  2. You get free FF stickers, a Foot's Forecast pen, and a signed thank you note from the Chief Powderhound himself. 
  3. Ready to shred it up? Send us a note to
  4. Include your name, size, address & city for shipping. We'll send you a follow-up  note with a link to the Authentic Weather Store. ($40 includes tax, shipping and all that other stuff, leave the weird calculations to us, we're used to it.)

Thanks for your support of the Winter Stormcast Team. We look forward to seeing you in your Powderhound Purple, ripping down a black, surrounded by white in the winter night! 
Powderhound Team member James Hammond
hopes to see you on the lift in your Powderhound Purple.

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