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Taking the Right Step For Local Weather

In 2012, four different organizations across Maryland partnered with Foot's Forecast LLC for on-site services and decision support. They ranged from a city of 500,000 to a popular coastal resort town to a rural inland county and a downtown suburban business alliance. During their events, weather tried to interfere. The results? Attendance records shattered, no weather-related injuries, positive headlines. Our clients made us the right step for their local weather. This is their story. 

The story of each client event we worked in Summer 2012

9/15/2012 - A popular saying in the leadership community is that "there's no I in team." In our team, the "I" in client goes beyond that. Thanks to the partnerships and collaboration with public safety and event organizers across Maryland, summer 2012 in Foot's Forecast culminated with 4 highly successful public events. We recognize the contributions of our clients in what was truly an "Awesome August" for the public, and our forecasters attending these events.

  • INGENUITY:  When Baltimore City Emergency Management committed to Mayor Stephanie-Rawlings Blake that the 2012 Grand Prix would be a safe and well-executed event, Deputy Chief Robert Maloney, Grand Prix General Manager Tim Mayer and Team Baltimore left no detail untouched, including weather. Foot's Forecast was requested for on-site "weather intelligence." Our consult helped the city keep fans safe in a lightning storm, was a significant factor in Racer Ryan Hunter-Reay's stunning victory, and the ingenuity of their decision.
  • INNOVATION: When storm clouds were bearing down on the 11th Maryland State BBQ Bash, Executive Director Scott Walker of the Bel Air Downtown Alliance already knew he had 40 minutes to prepare the band, the public and vendors. Months before, he had hired Foot's Forecast to be at his side for the event. When the rain subsided, crowds returned as if the storm had never happened. Now Scott says:  "I don't worry about the weather anymore, Foots does it for me," evidence of our innovative partnership. 
  • IMPACT: When the Dew Tour came to Ocean City, Maryland for a second year, it  shattered attendance records. Despite sunshine most of the weekend, rain arrived for the event's final hours. Ocean City Public Safety Officers collaborated with Foot's Forecasters to assure Dew Tour organizers they had a window of opportunity to finish strong. Instead of a rained-out, disappointing end to a successful weekend, thousands thronged on the beach to watch the Mega 2.0 Big Air Contest. We have the tweets to prove it. This video on shows the impact of our call.

AUTHENTIC SERVICES, LIVES PROTECTED. Our performance in serving clients with site-specific weather intelligence has helped protect millions of dollars in event investment. More importantly, our information has guided event organizers and public safety officials to make the right call in keeping thousands of attendees safe, and the event moving forward. For all the public events we have served, not one member of the public or the event staff is known to have been injured as a result of the weather.

WHAT OUR PASSION CAN DO FOR YOU. If you have a major public event, and want to assure you'll never be caught off guard by the weather again, make us your go-to team for on-site support. Any state in the U.S., any day of the year. We're ready to work the weather with you:


Maryland State BBQ Bash
Partner served 
Bel Air Downtown Alliance
Performance result 
"I don't worry about the weather anymore, Foots team does it for me." 
-Scott Walker, Executive Director: Bel Air Downtown Alliance
Executive Director Scott Walker with his family at the MD State BBQ Bash

The Dew Tour in Ocean City, MD
Partner served
Product delivered
Performance result
"The Foot's Forecast Team does commendable work assisting our city in 
difficult weather events and helps promote our many public events." 
- Joe Theobald, Director of Emergency Services, Town of Ocean City
Forecaster Paul Bauer with Director Joe Theobald at the 2012 Dew Tour

Caroline County SummerFest
Partner served
Products delivered
Press reports
Performance result
"I've been predicting 75 and sunny for 23 years now. 
This year I think we finally got it right.
-Susan Simmons, Caroline County Parks & Rec Director
August 2012 in Denton, Caroline County MD
CEO Rich Foot with SummerFest Director Susan Simmons & Event Forecaster Robert  J.

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