Monday, November 12, 2012

Our performance in their words

"You guys have always been spot-on, you've never the City down."    - Ocean City MD Department of Emergency Services.  2011-12 Dew Tour 
Forecaster Paul Bauer with Ocean City Emergency Services at the 2012 Dew Tour 
From Baltimore City, MD to Atlantic coastal communities such as Ocean City, MD., the advance information we deliver has helped our partners take cost-effective, safety-focused actions, reducing impact of weather on facilities, staff, customers and the public.

"I don't worry about the weather anymore, the Foots team does the worrying for me."  - Bel Air Downtown Alliance 

Whether large-scale event promotion such as the Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts, the Pantech USA Dew Tour, or dedicated on-site consult to the Baltimore City mayor during Hurricane Sandy, our team has served public safety agencies, school systems and private organizations alike with detailed climate and weather intelligence.  

CEO Rich Foot briefing the staff of Baltimore City Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake
in the city's Emergency Operations Center during Hurricane Sandy.
Review our Fusion Forecasting or Winter Services
and we're ready to work your event with you.

Recent Testimonials
Robert Maloney, Deputy Chief of Emergency Management and Public Safety for Baltimore City Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake:
“The Foot's Forecast Team has been instrumental in helping Baltimore City officials stay well-informed of weather hazards. The level of detailed weather intelligence provided has been necessary given the significant events which have affected our City of late.”  
Joe Theobald, Director of Emergency ServicesTown of Ocean CityMD; following the August 2012 Dew Tour:
"The Foot's Forecast Team does commendable work assisting our city in difficult weather events and helps promote our many public events. Our department is grateful for the team's dedication and commitment to us." 

Scott Walker, Executive Director of the Bel Air Downtown Alliance, Harford County, MD; summarizing our services provided in 2012:    
"I don't worry about the weather anymore, the Foots team does the worrying for me."

Peter Beaudry, Director of Public Works, City of Kennewick, Washington; in a testimonial letter from February 1, 2012: 
"As part of Foot's Forecast team, (Forecaster) Mark Ingalls has been instrumental in providing the City of Kennewick with accurate weekly weather projections. When a storm is projected, he provides us with more frequent updates and suggestions on preparation and response. This winter the results have been obvious to our citizens, with our major roadways being in the best shape during snow and ice events."


If you're interested in more information about how we can provide dedicated weather intelligence services to your facility, staff or organization, contact us today: OR call our dedicated client service line: 443 | 929.0721

Protecting and promoting client events

In 2012, four organizations across Maryland partnered with Foot's Forecast LLC for on-site services and decision support. During their events, weather tried to interfere. The results? Attendance records shattered, no weather-related injuries, positive headlines. Our clients made us the right step for their local weather. This is their story. 

The 2012 Grand Prix of Baltimore
Partner served
Product delivered
"We appreciated you helping us keep everyone safe at the Grand Prix.  
I hope every city will be as lucky as us one day to have you!!
-Lieutenant Scott Brillman, Office of Emergency Management

Forecaster Connor with Lt. Scott Brillman from the
Mayor's Office of Emergency Management - City of Baltimore

The Dew Tour in Ocean City, MD
Partner served
Product delivered
Performance result
"The Foot's Forecast Team does commendable work assisting our city in 
difficult weather events and helps promote our many public events." 
- Joe Theobald, Director of Emergency Services, Town of Ocean City
Forecaster Paul Bauer with Director Joe Theobald at the 2012 Dew Tour

Caroline County SummerFest
Partner served
Products delivered
Press reports
Performance result
"I've been predicting 75 and sunny for 23 years now. 
This year I think we finally got it right.
-Susan Simmons, Caroline County Parks & Rec Director
CEO Rich Foot with Caroline Co. Parks & Rec Director Susan Simmons 
& Forecaster Robert  J. at the Caroline County SummerFest

Maryland State BBQ Bash
Partner served 
Bel Air Downtown Alliance
Performance result 
"I don't worry about the weather anymore, Foots team worries for me." 
-Scott Walker, Executive Director: Bel Air Downtown Alliance
Executive Director Scott Walker with his family at the MD State BBQ Bash

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