Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Weather is like politics: It's all local.

Members of the U.S. Leadership Team who presented at the June 2012 
Ocean City Conference of the Maryland Emergency Management Association

"I don't worry about the weather anymore, Foot's Forecast does it for me." This quote from the Executive Director of the Bel Air, Maryland downtown business alliance best summarizes the level of trust our team has earned among tens of thousands across the U.S.  We're ready to be YOUR official forecaster, in your location, any time or any place you want it, locally or globally. Learn more about our weather intelligence services today or contact us:

Who we are. What we do.

Foot's Forecast LLC is an international weather intelligenceclimate consulting and opportunity-building company headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. We have over 75 forecasters and meteorologists in 28 U.S. states, and a developing team for Northern Ireland and London, England. Because our forecasters are both social media- AND weather-savvy, they are just as comfortable talking computer models as tweeting (in between frisbee). The power of online collaboration means we can be everywhere you need us, simultaneously. Here's one week of Tweet-proof from some big fans.

Forecaster Aaron Taggart of our British Isles Team 
on a recent visit to the Titanic museum in Belfast

What's the 411 on Foots?

Why our weather is authentic?
Forecaster Ross Harris from our Cape Fear, North Carolina Zone 
We believe a local weather forecast, to be truly authentic, should come from forecasters in your county or community. Other weather organizations try to present you a "local forecast," while actually hundreds or thousands of miles from your location. What our readers receive is a level of uniquely personal and local forecasting that cannot be obtained anywhere else. Our approach has garnered a global following of over 640,000 unique individuals whom have visit this website from 145 countries

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Despite this global reach, we keep the focus local, team-based and on the daily needs of our readers. The work of our team has earned the respect and consult of mayors from large cities, emergency managers, event coordinators and the public alike. Parents, students and teachers call us their "go-to source" for local weather. School principals turn to us for advice before high impact events, and even nationally touring bands like Fiction20Down turn to us before the weather turns on their concert.  

What is our secret sauce?
  • Collaboration across county, state and national borders;
  • Passion for authentic local weather by experienced forecasters;
  • Innovation that leverages resources from our international team to bring clients an unmatched advantage in decision support services anywhere in the world.

Ready to collaborate with you.

To learn about our weather decision services, climate education programs, or to become a Meteorologist or Forecaster on our team, send a quick note to team@footsforecast.orgWe look forward to collaborating with you.

Authentic Local Weather 
From A Trusted Team

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