Friday, November 30, 2012

"Better Get The Thermals"
- Forecaster Aaron Taggart, the London Zone

11:40 AM GMT 11/30 (British Isles Team) While our readers in the United States will soon be welcoming an early winter warmup, those in the UK are on a round trip ticket with the Polar Express. If you're in the M25 area of London or across the British Isles, we offer this update from Forecaster Aaron as posted last evening in our London zone:

"Snow is looking unlikely for the weekend now but don't be fooled, it will still be extremely cold. You are going to need your thermals for the next several days. By morning, under clear skies temperatures will drop just below freezing in London which may create some black ice on untreated pavements.
Friday is expected to be a generally dry day but still bitterly cold as temperatures rise no higher than 3C. Mist and Fog could be a problem as well in the early parts of the morning."

LOOKING AHEAD FOR THE UK: For rest of the weekend, the cold theme is set to stay with us, remaining dry but cold. Night time temperatures will continue to fall close to or below freezing on Saturday and Sunday so ice may continue to be a problem.

  • For Next Week: The start is looking a bit milder, however there is a threat of colder weather affecting the UK & Ireland later in the week. At this moment there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding this situation but we will keep on watch for you. Here a link to long range ideas from the MetOffice.
  • December trend: This cold snap may be a prelude to a rather chilly pattern for much of December, as indicated by the projected below normal temperature for western Europe as show here:

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