Monday, October 6, 2014

A Team Built By Trust
"My staff tells me that Foot's Forecast is the most accurate around." 
- Former Baltimore County Executive James Smith, in a June 2010 Emergency Operations Center exercise with the Maryland Team.
In our company, earning trust is as important as delivering an accurate forecast
From tens of thousands of daily readers, to professionals in emergency management and the entertainment industry, we are a trusted go-to source for the weather intelligence they need. Consider what over 70,000 readers in Facebook are getting that would benefit you.

Photo: Members of the central Maryland team pause with then-Emergency Manager Steve Welzant of Baltimore County during a September 2012 briefing at the County Operations center in Towson, MD.

Foot's Forecast LLC is a collaborative weather forecastingclient consulting and opportunity-building company headquartered a few miles from Baltimore, Maryland's Inner Harbor. Harnessing the experience and talent of over 50 social-media savvy forecasters and meteorologists across 13 U.S. states. With affiliates stretching from Oregon to Northern Ireland we deliver to clients an unmatched local advantage in authentic weather services.

Surprising Facts About Us

  • OUR LEADERS Our CEO, Rich Foot has 25 years of experience in the forecasting, public education and event management fields. Our national Leadership Team comprises 15 members in the academic, research, media, science and education fields, guided by a close-knit cadre of reputable leaders and advisors. 

    Being Authentic Is Our Mission

    • Collaboration across county, state and national borders;
    • Passion for authentic local weather by experienced forecasters;
    • Innovation that leverages resources from our international team to bring clients an unmatched local advantage in authentic weather services

    We're ready to be YOUR official forecast team, any day or any place you need us. Learn more about our decision services today or contact us:  Isn't it time you take the right step for your local weather?

    Authentic Local Weather 
    From A Trusted Team

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