Friday, December 21, 2012

It'll begin to look a lot like Christmas...(in January, for some)  

12:15 PM EST 12/21 (National Stormcast Team) With climatological winter now having arrived at 6:11 AM local time this morning, many eyes look to see if that Charles Dickens-era dream of a White Christmas has any chance of coming true in the next few days. For some areas, it already has.


For those expecting the world to end today, the only area of concern that our team originally had was for the Pacific Northwest. Forecast Mark Ingalls of our Tri-Cities page in southwest Washington was on this concern, and a forecast graphic posted there earlier this week (as shown below) noted this concern. Upon additional investigation into available data from NASA and other scientific agencies, we were pleased determine this forecast, at least for Friday 12/21, has a low probability of occurring. 

Contributors to this report include:
Mid-Atlantic Director Greg Jackson, Winter Stormcast Director Zachary Fasnacht, Pacific Northwest Director Mark Ingalls, Senior Advisor Brad Lear, Chief Operating Officer Keith Krichinsky, and Lead Advisor Rich Foot. 


ravensbbr said...

Anyone see what the GFS might have in store for MD powhounds? Andy? Anyone? Bueller?

NeedaSnowday said...

Lotta excitement seems to be brewing, but......Andy, should we get out our shovels?

Andy, Southern York County Pa said...

Excellent agreement on surface low placing is noted by the 22/00z
gefs...00z and 06z GFS...and the 00z ec model. The 22/00z Canadian
is just a slight southern outlier at this point with the surface low
across the inland Carolinas...before lifting the intensifying
/approx 990mb/ surface low right across the Delaware-Maryland-Virginia peninsula late Wednesday
night /close to track of the ec and GFS/.

This storm has the potential to bring widespread/heavy snowfall
across much of the inland middle Atlantic region during an 18-24 hour
period Wednesday into Thursday...resulting in significant travel

Cold and blustery northwest flow regime develops behind the
departing storm Friday into Saturday with central and southeastern Penn
flurries and scattered snow showers...with more significant upslope snow
and les impacting The Laurels and northwest mountains

As a result of the increasing confidence in this pattern and its
embedded storms...I can clearly hear good ole bing singing his
famous...1941 Christmas best seller a bit more clearly early this

Andy, Southern York County Pa said...

I think from baltimore south the Christmas eve to Christmas event is appearing to be more wet than white. Areas near the PA line and elevation could see a 1-3 inch event with some mixture. I do not see any accumulating snow in Baltimore or Washington. The further north of the Mason Dixon line the better. Harrisburg Pa could get a 4 inch event. Not set in stone so everyone is still in the game. Just my thoughts at this point.

ravensbbr said...

Andy, as always, many thanks, bro.

Need, we gonna get this win Sunday on the G-men and lock up the AFCN?

Must. Go. Brave. Wind. And. Get. Snowthrower. Ready.

NeedaSnowday said...

Thanks Andy.... will keep manwich on shelf with can opener nearby..

BBR... I am trying to be positive, but team is decimated by injuries. I think we struggle to win in rest of season but win the first playoff game.... from there who knows!

Aunty Em Aunty Em its a twister - egads it is windy out there today!!!