Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Southeast Ice Storm Cometh

5:30 PM EST 1/24/13 (Forecaster Jason Isaacs & North Georgia TeamWe are still monitoring the potential for ice accumulations throughout the entire region including the Atlanta metro area. Our earlier report on the Mid-Atlantic situation for Friday night is posted at this link.

For Georgia, we have slightly adjusted our map further north due to recent trends by most models. This will likely be adjusted again with our early evening update in progress, and will be a NOW-CAST type of storm the next 24 hours. You can also follow our on-going updates in Facebook for our North Georgia / Metro Atlanta Team.  


Temperatures and the Amount of Precipitation Available. 

TEMPERATURES: Temperatures over the past 12 hours have trended cooler. If you compare our map from last night to this morning...the temperatures are almost the same. However, the time on last night's map was 7 AM and on this morning's map is 12 PM. This means the length of colder air in the area will be longer. 

AMOUNT OF PRECIPITATION: The amount of available moisture has been on a decrease over the past 12 hours. This is the largest reason for our moving the blue line further north...taking out Metro Atlanta from the 1/10 to 2/10 accumulation area. Less moisture = Less Freezing Rain or Ice Potential.

CAN THIS CHANGE? This depends on the trends of the two topics discussed above. Colder Temperatures + Higher Moisture = More Ice Accumulations. Colder Temperatures + Lower Moisture = Less Ice Accumulations. Warmer Temperatures + Any Moisture = Less Ice Accumulations. 

We will keep monitoring the situation and a revised statement will be posted around 9 PM tonight.

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