Thursday, February 7, 2013

Historic Winter Storm To Rival 1978

8:00 PM 2/7/13 | Updated Overview of Storm Impacts & Timing for Friday-Saturday Winter Storm | Forecasters Zach F., Zach J. & the Winter Stormcast Team 

**BLIZZARD WARNING** - For All of NYC, Eastern Bergen County, Eastern Union County, Eastern Essex County, Long Island, Southern Westchester County, and all of CT *Blizzard Conditions expected here with 10-14" of snow

WINTER STORM WARNING - Northern NJ, Lower Hudson Valley
*12-16" of snow expected in Lower Hudson Valley
*10-14" of snow expected in Northern NJ

Now is the time to prepare for difficult to impossible travel Friday into Saturday, and likely school closures or early dismissals. Snow is expected to begin mid-morning and may mix from NYC on south, but everyone sees very heavy snow Friday night.


A HISTORIC WINTER STORM is slated to affect much of the New England states Friday into Saturday and will provide some wintry precipitation across the mid-Atlantic. The mid-Atlantic region should see a mix of snow, freezing rain, and sleet. The precipitation will fall through the day Friday before tapering off overnight Friday night. Almost the entire mid-Atlantic will experience icy or snow covered roads at some point on Friday or Saturday. Read ahead for the amount projections, or see the map above. 


  • From southern & central PA and southern & central NJ north, expect periods of freezing rain, sleet, and snow to change over to snow during the early afternoon hours. 
  • Extreme northern areas of the mid-Atlantic such as northern PA, northern NJ, and NY will see mainly snow as they are expecting a major winter storm with significant accumulation of 6 or more inches are possible. 
  • Expect a possible break of precipitation for a few hours around midday across central & southern PA, central and southern NJ, and central & northern DE before steadier precipitation moves in later in the afternoon from the west. Periods of snow will continue through Friday night before tapering off overnight from west to east. 


  • By Thursday night, a wintry mix of precipitation is expected for much of the region, except for Northern VA, southern DE, and southern MD which should see mainly rain with some sleet pellets mixing in when precipitation begins.
  • From Thursday night to Friday midday, portions of central MD and central DE will see a mix of freezing rain, sleet, and snow to start before changing to plain rain by midday. A break of around three hours in precipitation is possible across central MD and southern DE before steadier precipitation moves in later in the afternoon from the west. Expect precipitation to end from west to east in the regions Friday evening. 


  • Southern portions across VA, southern MD, and southern DE will see mainly rain, while further to the north a mix of precipitation is expected. The initial onset of precipitation will begin in these areas from south to north by midnight Thursday night.
  • Expect precipitation to taper off west to east shortly after sundown Friday evening. 


  • Little or no accumulation: Northern VA, southern DE, and southern MD will see a few isolated icy spots, mainly in higher elevations, but otherwise roads will just be wet.
  • Coating to glazing: Central MD and central DE could see up to a dusting of snowfall and a glaze of ice before changing to rain by midday Friday. Central PA and central NJ could see slick roads through the day with light to moderate snowfall possible along with some light ice accumulations in spots.
  • 1 to 3 inches: Areas of southern PA, central & northern DE, and southern NJ should see a glaze of ice Friday morning followed by a few inches of snow once precipitation changes over.
  • 3-6 inches: Portions of central PA and central NJ should see only patchy icy with several inches of snow expected after the changeover Friday. 
  • 6-12 inches: Even further north significant snow is expected to cause major problems in northern PA, northern NJ, and NY.
  • 12+ inches: New York City northward, parts of Long Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, then Northeast along Atlantic coast into Maine. 
  • 18+ inches: Central CT up through Boston, parts of southern Upstate NY, northern RI. 
Stay safe out there and use extra caution! 


Unknown said...

Is there anything else in the foreseeable future that would give MD accumulating snow.

ravensbbr said...

Yeah. A really strong N wind when Ski Liberty is making snow... :-P

Other then than, just doesn't look likely. I'd love to be wrong, though...

Andy, Southern York County Pa said...

I think there will be wrap around snow showers into central MD. From Baltimore south 1 inch or less. Baltimore to northern Baltimore County 1 inch to as much as 3 near the PA line. PA line North and East 3-5 inches ie York to Lancaster. I think NE, MD will be in the 3-5 range ie Cecil County. This is a powerful storm and wrap around is hard to model. During the boxing day debacle storm that hit New York I had 3 inches worth of wrap around and northern Baltimore County was in the 2 range.

BioPat said...

Hello Andy, nice to see you back! This weekend will be a bsut for MD, but what lies ahead?

Amy said...

Can I just ask for a humble two hour delay tomorrow? I'm tired and could use the extra sleep.

BioPat said...

2 hour delay would be nice since I've been up since 3 am; just couldn't sleep. I haven't looked outside but have noted online the expansion of the impact areas around Baltimore for this morning.

ravensbbr said...

Andy, sounds good, any projected timeframe?

Oh, to be 200 miles north and 100 miles east this weekend.

Then again, too many Patriots fans, never mind... :-P