Sunday, March 24, 2013

ANOTHER Nor'Easter??

By Meteorologist & Oceanographer Alex Davies & Advisor Jason Isaacs

9:40 AM EDT 3/24/13 
As many of us are still recovering from the Nor'Easter a couple weeks ago, but yet another storm will impact the coastal communities Sunday through Tuesday. This storm has already spawned significant severe weather in our Southeast zones, including North Georgia & Metro Atlanta. It is  expected to produce a winter blast of snow elsewhere in the Mid-Atlantic, such as our Three Rivers Zone surrounding metro Pittsburgh into central Pennsylvania. 

It seems like winter just will NOT let go! Who is #readyforsummer!? 

For our readers along Mid-Atlantic coastal areas, we offer this breakdown of the storm below. Additional updates are pending for the Severe Weather and Winter Weather portions of this event, from those respective teams.

TRACK & TIMING The "inland" storm will begin to arrive Sunday morning, after dumping a pile of snow on the upper Midwest over the last couple of days. As it approaches, the energy will transition to a coastal storm during the pre-dawn hours on Monday, and move-up the coast. 

PRECIPITATION: On Sunday, and most of the day on Monday, the system will primarily be a rain-maker with upwards of an inch or more expected to fall. 
  • However, by Monday night, the winds will be gusting out of the Northwest, drawing in colder air. Some mix and perhaps a light dusting of slushy-snow is possible on the back side of the storm Monday night, particularly to the north in places like Front Street, Lewes, Delawareand Rehoboth Beach Main Street
  • We are not expecting any travel concerns as any accumulation is expect on grass surfaces or decks. 

WINDS: Sunday afternoon through Monday morning expect a brisk East Wind between 15-20 mph. This could mean some coastal flooding on the west side of the back Bays, particularly during High tides. 
  • As shown with the light blue arrows on the map, by Monday afternoon and evening, the winds will strengthen and turn out of the Northeast around 25-30 mph, gusting to 35+ mph. During this time frame, the water will be pushed down the back Bays. 
  • The inlet areas and Downtown Ocean City, MD - The Official Page could experience some coastal flooding during high tide at 736p on Monday night. 
  • By Tuesday morning, we are expecting the winds to have shifted out of the Northwest around 15 mph, gusting to 25 mph.

STORM SURGE: The maps shows the NOAA NWS Ocean Prediction Center ET-SURGE Storm Surge Model forecast for Monday Afternoon. The dark orange shading along the coast is for a 1-2 foot storm surge which will occur from Monday morning through Tuesday morning.

WAVE ACTION: By noon on Monday we will have 6-8 foot waves, increasing to 8-10 foot by evening and through the overnight hours. 
  • For SURFERS: by Tuesday morning the wave action will still be 6-8 feet, but the swell will be building in to a nice Northwest wind, making for great surf!

BOATERS: No warnings or advisories have been posted yet by the U.S. National Weather Service, but expect Small Craft Advisories for Coastal Winds and perhaps Gale Warnings offshore.


NeedaSnowday said...

I will not get sucked in..
I will not get sucked in..
I will not get sucked in..
I will not get sucked in..
I will not get sucked in..
I will not get sucked in..

Julee said...

Needa ...
You're sucked in.

Julee said...

Just looked at The Weather Channel's snow map and we are in the 5- 8" zone. Kind of close to the 2-4".
Just sayin'.

BioPat said...

And Baltimore is in the no snow zone. I with you Needa; I will not get sucked in, that is until I cannot see my front yard lamp post. I hate to be teased and this winter has been one BIG tease. Bottom line, they do not know how this storm will preform, although the models all indicate precipitation, there are still just too many variables.