Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Advantages For Our Sponsors
Supporters of local Foot's Forecast teams enjoy competitive advantages 
for their company or special event, including two of our newest sponsors:

Thanking our recent sponsors for their support, including:
Bel Air Downtown Alliance |  Snapshot Getaways Travel Agency 
Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts  |  Camp Bravo - Towson, MD

1. Reach 80,000+ readers on Facebook and another 400,000+ frequent visitors to our main website

2. Get promoted in fair or foul weather, any time of the year,  with specialized graphics and main site features

3. Gain an edge over competitors by having our team on your side when weather is on the move.

Besides, if you've earned the trust of high school and 
college forecasters, chances are you're pretty epic.

So, here's how sponsors can benefit:

  • LEVERAGE OUR SITES FOR YOUR PRODUCTS & SERVICESAn average post in our Facebook pages will be seen by 15,000-25,000 readers. Our pages are frequented multiple times per day, with a weekly average reach of 80,000 across the Mid-Atlantic States. They'll see specialized graphics linking back to your company.

  • TARGET KEY AUDIENCES DURING MAJOR EVENTS. Using our "Fusion Forecasting" approach, we can prominently feature your company in the forecast at times of high reader engagement. We can promote and recommend your services to key audiences. They'll know it's recommended from a trusted source.

  • GAIN COMPETITIVE VISIBILITY IN HIGHLY-SOUGHT GROUPSDid you know that over 70% of our readers are female, with over 10,000 of those in the 35-44 age group? Who are they? MOMS! Busy families who need to make a lot of decisions fast and efficiently. Gaining their trust, and working with us, sets you apart.

Who & Where Are The Readers?
A snapshot of our Facebook demographics

 Interested? Contact us right away for pricing and options
team@footsforecast.org or 443.929.0721

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