Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring? Winter? Are we still sure?

7:25 PM EDT 3/21/13 
(A special report from our North Georgia & Metro Atlanta Team) 

Good Evening! As we stated yesterday... the system that heading our way for tonight into tomorrow is a very complicated system. 

With the newest information we have made significant changes to our map and accumulations amounts. We will continue to monitor the situation and will update if it needed through the evening.

  • Cooler air is expected to effect the entire region with temperatures that will be at or
  • below freezing area-wide.
  • More moisture will affect the western portions of Georgia.
  • West Central & Southwestern Metro Atlanta: Up to a Dusting
  • Northeast Georgia Mountains: Up to a Dusting
  • All Other Sections of North Georgia: No Accumulations Expected
We will continue to keep you up to date with any changes...

7:00 PM EDT 3/20/13 (Forecaster Isaacs: Special Report from our Surf & Sail Team)

Good Evening Everyone! As we stated earlier in the day...welcome to Spring! Are you ready for the warmer temperatures? Well...this will not be the case for us tonight going into tomorrow. Look at the picture...what do you see?  Even though it is from a few years ago, if the winter weather advisories hold true... well, there could really be SNOW...on the first day of Spring-- and on the beach,  believe it or not!

Photo credit: from the Boardwalk of Ocean City, Maryland

  • SNOWFALL AMOUNTS: We believe that the ADVISORY area has the potential to receive 1 to 1 1/2 inches of snow with some isolated amounts up to 3 inches. Most of the snowfall will occur on grassy surfaces and should not cause major impacts on area roadways due to the recently warm temperatures.
  • HAZARDS: As with any snowfall event, the potential for some slushy roadways during the pre-dawn hours on untreated side roads are possible and precautions should be taken if you plan to travel during this time. 

We hope that you enjoy this minor snowfall event! Please share some pictures on our page!


NeedaSnowday said...

when is it going to warm up? oh that's right it's going to snow Sunday night .......this is insane

ravensbbr said...

At this rate, Opening Day will have to be played in parkas and ski masks...