Saturday, August 17, 2013

Commemorating Forecaster Greg "Winterman" Jackson
At the 2013 Maryland State BBQ Bash in Bel Air
4:15 PM 8/16 (Senior Advisor & Founder Mr. Foot) As we approach the start of school for grade level and college students alike, it is with mixed emotions that our Mid-Atlantic Team wishes to update our readers on a change in leadership. 

Greg Jackson, our Mid-Atlantic Director, and long-time member of the Foot's Forecast Team, has been offered a promotion from his summer internship to into what will become a full time position with an Environmental consulting firm. Thus, he is resigning from his role with us to prepare for this exciting and major career-building opportunity. Our Leadership Team was first notified of Greg's decision on Friday, August 2 and we have prepared this special statement to accompany his resignation letter below.

A rainy outdoor video forecast in March 2011

Our mixed emotions over Greg's departure stem from the fact he is one of the original founding members of our team, joining just days before the historic December 2009 Blizzard. Those of you who have been long time readers, or only recently joined us may also know him as "Forecaster Winterman." His dedication to building collaborating across our entire team has strengthened the foundation that started with the Maryland Team, and has now grown to a membership nearing 100 across over 30 states. 

A meeting with Founder Mr. Foot and Carroll County Public School Officials

Greg's life example should be a motivator for all students whom have had an interest in joining our team. He went from a mild-mannered high school junior in 2009 to providing consult to Maryland Emergency Management, Ocean City, Baltimore County,the Bel Air Downtown Alliance, and countless other organizations which have followed our website and Facebook updates over the years. Not too bad a resume for someone under 21. Greg had the fire to learn science and serve the public. We think there are many more like him just waiting for an opportunity to shine. Greg would say, "Don't wait-- go get it now, while you have the chance."  

Below, we have included the text of his resignation letter as well, but we keep reminding him that it is a "promotion" not a "reduction" ! Being offered an advancement from an internship at an environmental firm within his major is a 100% fulfillment of the mission of the Foot's Forecast Team.

That mission is to create career opportunities for young professionals who have a passion for communicating science to the public. Greg is a living testimony to that mission, and our entire team salutes him on this next step forward in his journey to securing a future among professional scientists. 

Rich Foot, Founder and Advisor
Keith Krichinsky, Executive Director 
Brad Lear, Chief Financial Officer/Senior Advisor

Thursday, August 15, 2013
Dear Friends and Readers:
This is a message I never wanted to write, but right now is unfortunately necessary.  As of Friday, August 16, 2013 I will have resigned from all positions within Foot’s Forecast. 
Over the course of this summer I have had an environmental internship, and this past week was offered a continuation to work part time at school over the fall semester.  With this continuation my semester will be extremely busy with classwork, starting research, and working as a student ambassador.  In turn, I must make this sacrifice to accept this continuation in the career field I am pursuing.
Over the past 4 years I have been with Foot’s Forecast I have been given the opportunity to grow in my roles as leader, forecaster, and also as a person. Every day was a new day, and with those new days presented new challenges.  These challenges ranged from a tough morning forecast for afternoon storms, or managing forecaster staffing needs for a busy weather weekend.  
I can’t say every challenge was easy, but almost every challenge was made easier because of all of you, our fans.  You all were the motivation for the mornings I woke up 30-45 minutes earlier in high school to assemble by 6:30 AM a thorough morning forecast for anyone heading out the door.  You all were the reason our team came together for so many weather events to keep you informed so you could make the safest decision possible.  
There are a few events on our team that I will never forget. One is January 28, 2011 in Central MD where over 6 inches of snow fell in less than 3 hours, This left the major highways at complete gridlock with many thousands of commuters immobilized. The Foot’s Forecast Maryland Team collaborated from early in the morning to late that night, including an important message to our fans to be “off the roads no later than 4pm." By 5pm many roads were impassable, and much of the Baltimore metro region shut down. After the event we heard from so many of you who heeded our warnings.
Another memorable event Hurricane Sandy in October 2012. Our team worked for 48 hours+ with emergency managers around the region, and stayed up with all of you while the storm was in progress. I personally stayed up overnight to work with our staff and to assure all our readers being affected were kept informed with the most updated details.  
It's clear to me that those we have to thank the most are our readers and fans. As a company devoted to the common good, we would not be where we are today. 
Your support has allowed me to grow as a leader in this organization over the past 4 years. Through the opportunities I have been given, from starting in December 2009 as Forecaster Winterman in through Central Maryland Lead Forecaster, to Pennsylvania Team Leader, and more recently, Mid-Atlantic Director position, I thank all of you for the motivation to take risks when needed, and be ready to take the next step. 
Today, I take that next step towards my career, though I shall never forget the years with Foot’s Forecast. It will be exciting to watch how the company will continue to expand and grow in the years ahead, and I know all of you are in good hands with an excellent team, while will cherish the many great moments that led us all here, together.
Best wishes,
Greg Jackson
With Fusion Photographer Emily Rund, Strategic Media Director Diandre Williams
 and Company Spokesperson Aaron Salter at the University of Maryland-Baltimore County


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