Saturday, November 30, 2013

12:30 PM EST 11/30 - Brrrissskk weekend greetings to all! In the spirit of giving back to those who serve others, we support the #GivingTuesday movement. Next Tuesday, December 3, consider ways your family or organization can come together to extend a helping hand to those most in need. Some of our suggestions for excellent local programs to explore, and we welcome your recommendations as well!
  • The Helping Up Mission in downtown Baltimore. Helping Up is an overnight shelter and long term addiction recovery center for homeless men that builds their resiliency to participate in society with programs to meet physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs (
  • GatherBaltimore, a local volunteer food stand organization that works to bring healthy food choices to people who lack access to fresh produce. Service includes redistributing unsold produce from the Baltimore City Farmer's Market and gleaning from local farm fields. (
  • Decent Life Volunteers, a Lancaster City-based non profit that builds quality of life opportunities and business skills for under-advantaged families in US cities and also works with overseas children's missions such Kenya's Children and Youth Empowerment Center. (
Other examples of organizations working to build a more civil society for all can be found at the Baltimore Branch of GiveCorps:
and details on Giving Tuesday

Thank you for making us a part of your life, and warm wishes for safe travels this weekend!  - The Foot's Forecast Team


NeedaSnowday said...

Roll call!!


Is getting to be "that" time, no?

Julee said...


I was wondering where everyone was!!! Lovely to "see" you!
Hope we haven't been abandoned for FB -- NOT the same.
I will totally be baking cookies this weekend instead of driving on scary ice.
Need to check my library courtyard birds tomorrow. If they are massing in the grass, I'm going to the grocery store!

Let's "stalk" this page in the meantime!

Hope everyone chez "Needy" is well.

ravensbbr said...

Hey Needy, hey Julee, how 'bout them Ravens? Playoffs, you heard it first. :-)

Why can't this system hit Monday instead?!? :-P

Julee said...

Hey YOU!

Round up the rest of our flakey group and get back here for the fun this weekend.
I have NO use for football ... any football ... played by anyone ... however, through a strange quirk of fate, I was able to place a Raven's 2013 Super Bowl ring on my finger earlier this year. It weighed fifty pounds and took up my ENTIRE little finger. YIKES those things are HUGE!

Anonymous said...

ice ice baby :) where's Andy?

ravensbbr said...
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ravensbbr said...

Very cool. Which Ravens player was it? Or one of the coaches? My wife and I got to try on Matt Stover's 2000 SB ring a while back, he went to our church, they are some large, large chunks of metal...

Andy, what's the scoop, bud, what do you think we're looking at?

Andy, Southern York County Pa said...

Trading the snowblower in for a jack hammer! This could be a historic ice storm for this region especially just outside of the city and away from the bay.
2 to 4 inches of snow for the baltimore metro area folowed by nasty freezing rain. I will do an update late tonight or early Saturday, but I would avoid travel at all costs after lunch on Sunday.

NeedaSnowday said...

Jack hammer? Eek....I guess I better fire up the generator tomorrow....check that it purrs like a is no fun!

Pretty cool on the Super Bowl ring Julee!!

BBR ... Playoffs? Playoffs! I hope so... Last year was magical!

ravensbbr said...

Neighbor down the road has a jackhammer. Not really sure how to use it, but hey, how tricky could it be?


NeedaSnowday said...

Hallelujah!!!.... the generator started up after a few pulls..... so I guess we can count on just cold rain, right?

Julee said...

RIGHT! Just "juiced up" all digital ephemera, cleaned off back porch to facilitate shoveling/scraping, found my gloves and have enough of everything.
Wintery mix will be cancelled ... and WE did it, Needy!

ravensbbr said...

Seriously, I'm starting to wonder...just not seeing anything on CONUS radar...this thing coming in from offshore?

And does ANYONE know how to start a jackhammer? My neighbor won't tell me, something about some liability crap or something...

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Julee.

Guess people are betting it will be a bust?

Unknown said...

Now look at the radar....Not all of it was coming from the east coast... :)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

I know this sounds silly, but...Does anybody have a reliable "final word" forecast? I've heard generally the same type of forecast, but would like to know what I should be relying on. Thanks everyone! Oh, and congrats on the 10th year. Proud to say I've been visiting the site every year since day 1 and have enjoyed all of the insight (and related commentary). Have a good night, everyone!


Mr. Foot said...

Morning all, glad to see the old crew back in action. Me? Been busy watching the family flock by night, and sorting packages by AM at UPS. Hoping the hinterlands of Julee finally get their winter due.

wvm said...

ok, not sure why my comments will not post. Just checking in: Berkeley County,WV has about 7 inches and it looks like it has taken a break. temp is 24. Wow quite a bit more than the 1 to 3 that we were to get before it changes to ice. I hope this means more snow and less ice.