Sunday, January 26, 2014

Welcoming You To Anniversary Week! 

6:56 AM 1/26 - Ten years ago this weekend, an idea which already been building in a Maryland high school science classroom for several years, finally went live after much debate.

From 2002 to the Fall of 2003, a Baltimore County science teacher and his students had been developing and posting unofficial local weather forecasts for the school. Over time, these updates began "going viral" in the area especially during winter weather. After a year or so, it was suggested to post the forecasts online so more could be aware of the impending conditions.

Just one problem: They weren't sure what to call it.

Then Hurricane Isabel happened. While the storm slowed down the project, the devastation and confusion strengthened resolve to follow through with the effort by the following January.

Discussions among students about the weather forecast idea said titles like "Room 123 Weather" didn't cut it and "Dundalk Weather Center" seemed too official.

One day during class, a student said, "How about 'Foot's Forecast'? That way, everyone will always know where to find us."  And so it came to be (at the height of an ice storm, no less).

Ten years later, it looks like a few people still know how to find us. 

In the week ahead, starting today, 1/25 to Saturday 2/1, a commemorative series of stories will be posted, looking back on the highs (and lows) of our shared experience. We also have an anniversary hoody series to be announced at our online store later today, and other fun features to mark the occasion. We hope you will join us and spread the word.

Have a story about how the work our forecasters made a difference in your life or situation? We would all enjoy reading it!

Thank you for being an important part of this adventure with us in authentic local weather. 

Bright skies, 
From all of us on the Maryland Team... and beyond,  of Foot's Forecast

Forecasters, Directors and Emeritus Members:
  • Since 2009: Greg Jackson, Evan Schiesser
  • Since 2010: Aaron Salter, Dakota Smith, Diandre Williams, Jason Mitchell, Emily Rund, Daniel Ross
  • Since 2011: Mike Natoli, Connor Meehan, Nikki Byers, Josh Owens, Rob Jefferson, Mintong Nan, Jason Isaacs 
  • Since 2012: Joey Krastel, Meagan Buster, Paul Bauer, Caron Schroeter, Sam Connolly, Lauren Searles
  • Since 2013: Tyler Johnson, Brett Wilson, Emily Day, Steph D'Anna, Kate O'Brien, Ashley Taylor, Sam Weber, Sam Weber
  • Since 2014: Julian Baron
Advisors and Officers:
  • Since 2004: Rich Foot
  • Since 2008: Brad Lear, Julee Williams 
  • Since 2010: Pete Winstead, Keith Krichinsky, Forrest Palmer
  • Since 2011: Eric Krichinsky, Alex Montoro, Rob Jefferson, Kevin Selle
  • Since 2013: Carl Bilotta


ravensbbr said...

Soooo...anyone else find it ironic that the Polar Bear Plunge was cancelled due to...winter?

I know, I know, windchill, frostbite, exposure, 7,000+ drunk idiots, water the consistency of Slurpee yadayadayada...irony remains.

Next up: OC's Sunfest due to be cancelled due to excessive summer...

Unknown said...

You and I think alot alike my friend. LOL!

ravensbbr said...

It's the live free or die highlander mentality around here in NE Carroll, Mike. :-)

Tina said...

Huh, now Feb 5th looks like it might have some potential, too. I feel like I'm in a pinball machine, being bounced around: here a storm, there a storm. Gonna need a play book!

BioPat said...

This is beginning to remind me of the winter of '82 where we seemed to be out of school more than we were in school for several weeks. I guess this may be another one of those years where it's good to be a senior.

Tina said...

Looks like next week's storm is gonna stay south and possibly clobber the Carolinas. Early yet, I know and the track could change. Regardless, one of these days, I think we're going to really get buried.

Morpheus said...

I hope so, the ~2 inches from the last storm was just not enough to go sledding on in Bowie area.

Congratulations Foots forecasters on a great 10 years - Hears to the next 10 years of student forecasting!

Unknown said...

I see nothing in the near term to indicate we will be getting a larger type snow. Just looked at the ECMWF And GFS outlooks and the 14 day outlook for the NAO and AO. Many times you would like to see the NAO go negative and the AO positive for a large east coat storm. That is not happening with either teleconnections.

The outlook for the models (euro and gfs) do not indicate a nor'easter type storm either. Also there is a warm up coming after this week.

This pattern reminds me of the mid-late 70's when it was very cold but with smaller snow storms. The Bay froze during that time period as it is during this year.

I am not saying we are not getting more storms but I feel until teleconnectics set up more favorable, we may not be getting a kahuna.

Weather can change on a dime however so we always have hope.

ravensbbr said...

Cool little snow squalls moving through this afternoon, postcard-type snow...

Mike, good post about the NAO and AO. Although I do remember a few blizzards in the '70's, too, even though I was just a little 'un back then.

10 day forecast does look Good interesting, hoping the precip, temps and blocking can get on the same page...

ravensbbr said...

crap, now it won't let me delete my typo-ridden post...

Andy, Southern York County Pa said...


You cannot look at the models verbatim. Plenty of threats on the table starting this Thursday the 20th and an active pattern well into February!

Unknown said...
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