Thursday, March 27, 2014

Ready to ride the FLUME?

Ready to ride the FLUME?

wave train of moisture stretching from well west of Hawaii all the way to Texas.

7:30 AM EDT 3/27 - From cold, snow and windy to Monsoon

As the northeast coastal bomb rolls into the Canadian maritimes, the pattern to replace it will be one of Pacific origins of a "Pineapple" variety. One look at the image above and you can plainly see the over 3,000 mile fetch of moisture that will be feeding into the southern U.S. and Gulf of Mexico the next week to 10 days. This pattern shift is going to set in motion a variety of impacts for the country the first week of April, including:
1) New snow threats for the Upper Midwest that will build up the snowpack;
2) A yo-yo period of pre-frontal warming in the East, followed by post storm cool shots for the Southeast, Ohio Valley & Mid-Atlantic. 

See it in LOOP! The full scale of this next "Pineapple Express" jumps right out at you in this Java animationThe rough guide on what's coming? A very wet first week of April for much of the eastern U.S., as shown by the CPC's 6-10 day precipitation outlook. It won't technically be a monsoon, but there may be some days that'll   sure feel like it! How much of a drench are we talking? Look below to the 7-day Precip Projections from NOAA, for your eyes do not deceive:

  • 5-9 INCHES of rain for the middle and upper West Coast
  • 2-3 inches for the northern Gulf coast and the entire Mid-Altantic & Northeast coast.

-Forecaster Foot & The Long Range Team


BioPat said...

So March never will get to the so called "lamb" personality that we expect, and April showers will be more like April monsoons as we begin yet another month filled with weather events. I am currently hearing at the end of the 10 day monsoon we might get another shot at some spring snow. See you all in the funny pages as we move along!

kristia35 said...

As far as longevity, this is the winter that just wouldn't quit. Would have liked to have some higher totals to go along with it though!