Saturday, March 29, 2014

What happened to the "Lamb" part?

What happened to the "Lamb" part? 
(You know... "In like a Lion..." etc?)

11:22 PM 3/29 - The latest discussions in our Severe Weather Team would leave you wondering what time of year it really is in the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest. With Winter Weather Advisories to the north, and Wind Warnings to the south, you had best buckle up for a wild night & day of weather ahead. Here's a snippet of what some forecasters have said about the wild conditions in their areas this weekend:

OHIO - Forecaster Jason Warren of our Northeast Ohio Zone reported that heavy rain for most of the day changed to snow earlier this evening.

WEST VIRGINIA - Forecaster Joseph Fitzwater of our Northern WV zone said that snow was also changing over in his area, as indicated by upper level data. 

SOUTHERN VA - Meteorologist Justin Barker, who leads several of our pages and Forecaster Nick Gilmore of Southwest Virginia reported a wide range of conditions across VA tonight. Justin was notified of pea sized hail a few miles west of his home with the front moving at 40-45 mph. He also noted that the area near Raleigh NC had tornado warnings this evening and Tornado Watches are still in effect for portions of eastern NC. Forecaster Nick stated that temperature ranges are 30 F+ between southwest VA and the Kentucky border!

Let us know how conditions are faring in your community!

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