Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Welcome to the Powderhound Club!

Credit: and a fun poem with it, at Rhinestone Armadillo
11/27/14 - In the wake of a storm that brought a White Thanksgiving to some not seen in 25 years -- we would like to introduce a special opportunity for all our readers across the Mid-Atlantic. 

Whether you are a life-long snow enthusiast, a decision-maker in your organization, or a busy parent, we know there are times you need access to specifics on what the weather will do next. 

That's where the club comes in, and we're excited to reveal what is planned for this program!

Request a FREE Powderhound Insider Newsletter with details on the December pattern and beyond...


This winter, vanquish your Facebook frustration 
Get the direct updates from our team you need, by joining the club! 
(and get a bonus team hoody ;-) 

Being a member delivers timely, actionable information that aids your decision-making in order to best protect what most important to you. This service will:
  1. Keep you well-informed days ahead of any upcoming weather hazards
  2. Notify you by email or text of special changes or updates to the forecast
  3. Avoid you having to wait for the Facebook update! When we know, you'll know.
  4. Provide more direct contact to the team when you need fast information.
It's called, "the Powderhound Club" and we believe these elements are the level of insider weather intelligence our avid readers have been seeking:

  • You may not need every detail about weather or meteorology,
  • You trust the reliability and authentic approach of our team, 
  • But you DEFINITELY don't want to be caught off-guard by weather surprises.
All Powderhound Club Members receive...
  • Exclusive long range briefing delivered every 10 days via email-- in a stylish, upbeat format with details.
  • The Powerhound Insider: Special advance updates from us when storms are brewing.
  • Unlimited access to our storm teleconference calls, and...
  • A Foot's Forecast team hoody in your choice of 5 colors, in zip-up or pullover, with our popular "authentic snowflake" logo screen-printed 
  • Other bonuses such as a discount on our new embroidered "Snowstradamus Series" hoodies lined with Sherpa cloth. 

How long does it last? For the ENTIRE winter season, until the last snowflake-- even if it runs longer than expected into April.  All for one low flat rate.

The entire Powderhound Package is $50, payable through our online store. Also, no extra cost for printing or shipping if you place your order BY DECEMBER 1. We'll ship by UPS Ground on or before December 15.

But, we don't do (and can't stand) high pressure sales tactics. We also won't be cutting back on our regular public services of course. We just want to offer a specialized service for those who need to be "in the (s)know" when weather is on the move.

How To Sign Up? To get your first FREE copy of the next Powderhound Insider and details on how to register for the program, just send us a simple note to with your name, county, city and state. You'll get an auto-bounce message with program details, and the Letter in a few days. 

We look forward to working the storms together - and have some fun with it along the way!

"Hey, what about Powdercats?" (They brave the weather too!)
You are absolutely right, and we believe in equal representation of the feline and canine parties. Thanks to innovative readers from our Central Maryland page, we have a whole collection of both Powdercats, Hounds, Powderkids and more! Visit this link to many endearing reader photos of their furry friends in the snow, submitted in comments from the Feb 2014 storm.  


Andy, Southern York County Pa said...

Had a great Pre-Thanksgiving day off. No sense of dreaming of a White Christmas when you can live the dream of snow on the ground on Thanksgiving right on schedule!

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday week. I have not paid too much attention today to the storm details but spent a ton of time outside.

Light snow, 32.5 degrees and we had a soild 5 inches and still adding to the total slowly. Plenty of compaction as what we had was pure mash potatoes!

Here are a few picts from 1000ft elevation in the hinterlands of southern PA.


BioPat said...

Great snow shots and thanks for sharing Andy! The last Thanksgiving snow was 1989 and was the perfect backdrop for our weekend wedding. This snow has brought back significant memories as we celebrate our 25th anniversary. Now that we're on break - FINALLY, I can't wait for the next one!

NeedaSnowday said...

Happy 25th BP! It is awesome!! Congrats to you and hubby!

Westsidehideaway said...

Gobble gobble and Happy 25th.

ravensbbr said...

Happy 25th, BP!

Foot's Forecast said...

Greetings everyone! I 'm glad some of you, (especially Andy!) got to enjoy a White Pre-Thanksgiving.

Now the pattern calms down enough for us to get peak season launched at UPS-- and to get our holiday hoody promo underway. But first, we need some help.

We're looking for a supplier who has a "Sherpa lined" zip up hoody. I have one from UPS and I love it. Would be great to make this a new feature in our developing "Snowstradamus" apparel line to complement the Powderhound Collection.

If you know of an apparel supplier that would have this, let me know:

Warm Thanksgiving Wishes to All, (and Happy 25th to Ms. BioPat!)

Unknown said...

Happy 25th Bio Pat!