Wednesday, December 17, 2014

"Much Ado About Nothing?"
- Comedic play by Shakespeare, 1599

5:00 AM 12/17 - We've been holding that headline back from use for many years, because we knew a time would come that previous predictions might not come to fruition as originally thought.

Has such a time arrived? Does the liquid forecast map for Friday night through Sunday night shown have the "umpf" necessary for a significant coastal storm? Not really.  Lack of appreciable Arctic air, and an eroding presence of nearby snowcover, among other factors, has put the potential for a weekend storm "on ice" so to speak. 

However, there are lesser known details lurking for Sunday night that might surprise those who "check out" before the weekend thinking all is well with the forecast. ;-0

  • While interior snow of several inches remains likely, the I-95 corridor should see periods of snow Saturday and Sunday. 
  • With rain mixing in at times Saturday afternoon, it now appears more probable that Powderhounds will need to act fast early Saturday AM in order to capture that fine moment when snow would be falling --- as Enya might say, "And Winter Came."
  • Sunday night may turn out to be the trickiest forecast period of this event, as delayed arrival will also translate to delayed departure. With cooler air filtering in from the north, rain could change back over to snow overnight into Monday. 
  • For teachers and students hoping to get an early break bonus, we're not certain the backwards pajama technique is reliable, but like any good science experiment, it's worth making multiple attempts (recording your data and evaluating the results)

Cover photo of Enya's 2008 Album, that has become
over the years one of our unofficial theme songs


ravensbbr said...

Kudos to Mr. Foot for busting out the Bard...well played, sir, well played.

What will be amusing is watching the (non) mets at WJZ backpedal from this one...


Andy, Southern York County Pa said...

Traditionally our prime snow climatology is January and February. I like our chances this year with above average snows and big storms. As we have observed early on relying on model details outside of 72 hours concerning a potential storm can lead you into weather no man's land.

For our purposes the best approach is to find windows of opportunity and see if they deliver.

I think our next window is right around New Year.