Thursday, January 1, 2015

Where Winter Lives



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9:31 AM 1/1/15 - A calm. chilly and sunny welcome for all to the New Year! 

We hope today's brisk and quiet conditions grant you a day of adjustment as we enter 2015. It would be nice if the blue skies could hang on into the weekend, but alas, changes are coming 'round the mountain. Below is the Day 1-3 precipitation projection from NOAA, showing a wet time ahead for holiday travelers in the eastern U.S.

  • TODAY - A seasonally perfect start to the year, with sunshine, blue skies and temperatures heading for about 40 F on a breezy southwest wind. 
  • TONIGHT - Great night for stargazing. Classically cool and dry with lows in the mid to upper 20s.
  • SAT & SUN - As the 80s band Eurthymics would say, "Here comes the rain again..." A large area of Low pressure will dominate conditions for the eastern half of the country this weekend, bringing us rain with snow on the northern fringe in central PA. 
MONDAY - Earlier concerns for some back edge snow Sunday night have diminished. Thus, the full return to school and work will be free of worrisome weather. (Enabling parents and school administrators to revel in that famous line from the old holiday tune -- "And Mom and Dad can hardly wait for school to start again!" 

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We hope you'll stay with us for an exciting season here at FF... It's Where Winter Lives.


NeedaSnowday said...


Worst. Winter. Ever!!

Unknown said...

Winter was hyped so early it makes us feel like it never started and will never come. Winter really only started 12 days ago! This winter likely will go on deep into March! I will never ever again buy into the hype again. This current load of bull from every venue concerning the weather has turned me completely off. The computer models are garbage outside of 2-3 days ahead of any event. The hype around Christmas was particularly distasteful. My son visited from Alabama and I was saying to him what a great chance we had for snow and it all was a fantasy. It has turned me off bigtime about getting excited when I see or hear anyone saying a storm may be coming. I am keeping my powder dry and staying to myself from now on for sure.

Andy, Southern York County Pa said...

The core of storm central in our region is from mid January until the beginning of March. Cold is coming. It has been a wet year and that only continues into 2015. I think we finish well above average for snow by the time the season ends. Models have little skill beyond 72 hours. Big storm windows seem to have been around 11/20 (north and west of Baltimore cashed in). Around 12/20 where we had the cold but the storm developed too far south. The 1/20 window is primed for a reload. We have been very stormy, and now comes the cold and our prime snow climate season. Enjoy your time off from storm tracking while it lasts.

ravensbbr said...

I'll offer the rare non-powderhound counterpoint: this has been an excellent waterfowl hunting season with the warm temps so far. It'll still be good when it does get colder and snowier, but for now the sheer amount of birds still here in the Mason-Dixon area is as high as I've seen in a while.

(BTW, if anyone has or knows anyone who wants those pesky geese off their farm or pond, just let me know. :)

So here's to the upcoming snow season, or as Mike, Andy and all of us hinterland folk call it, the Season of Testing the Warranty of Our Snowthrowers. Until then I will be working as little as possible, hunting as much as possible, and rooting for our improbable and yet ongoing Ravens' playoff run!

ravensbbr said...

Also...Tuesday? GFS is bullish on it for at least some morning white...

NeedaSnowday said...

Happy New Year ya'll!

HOW BOUT THOSE RAVENS - they aren't the pesky kind unless you are a Steeler fan! :) Hope they wreak havoc on Cheatriots!

Keeping an eye on Tuesday AM too!

BioPat said...

Happy New Year Foot's friends.

As Andy stated snow in the mid-Atlantic tends to be elusive until mid-January. As our seasons the past year or so have tended to run late I would expect winter 2015 to continue in that pattern. Once the cold settles in the moisture pattern will continue and we'll get our fair share of snow.

For now, perhaps it is better that we have not had to be out shoveling and grumbling about driving conditions. We all got to travel safely through the holidays and have spent the past month fighting the flu virus instead of the elements. Maybe as folks get a bit more healthy they'll have the energy they need to handle the potential winter weather we should see in just a few short weeks.

BioPat said...

I like your thinking Needa!

kyleZ said...

I hope this clipper over performs for at least two inches would at least give me some hope for this winter. And I cannot stand Terrell Thuggs so go Pats.

ravensbbr said...

Sorry, Kyle, what was that? I couldn't hear you over Brady's whining and the sound of Belichick's illegal video recorders.

kyleZ said...
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