Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Preparing For Summer

5/5/2015 - Our team, and the calendar, have arrived at what we consider to be the climatological "low season" of our public forecast activity. In this period from April to late June, we customarily do not maintain a regularly updated post on this site.  For new readers who grew accustomed to our daily reports in winter, that is our high season, but not a level we traditionally maintain all year long. 

The period from June to September is reserved primarily for assessment of long range patterns pointing to severe weather potential  (such as any risk of another derecho like 2012), and close monitoring of tropical activity for signs of "home brew" systems that develop close to the Eastern U.S. or Gulf coasts. The two resources we leverage during this time include the invaluable products issued by the NOAA Storm Prediction Center and the National Hurricane Center. Links and maps are shown below.

But if serious weather hazards rise in probability at the long range, you can be sure we'll be right back on deck as usual. Until then, we don't believe you need a paragraph several times a day to find out it'll be sunny and mild. Besides, you've earned this respite from the past two harsh winters we've all survived, so go out and enjoy a calm Spring while you have it!  

--From your local Foot's Forecast Teams

Severe Weather Outlook: NOAA Storm Prediction Center

Tropical Atlantic Outlook: National Hurricane Center