Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sunshine on the Pumpkin

9:25 AM 10/25 - Wondering about the weather for "All Hallow's Eve"?
  • Early indications are high pressure will dominate the region Friday into Saturday, with rain free skies likely from Hill Valley to Sleepy Hollow and Elm Street, and other areas of the Mid-Atlantic.
  • Sorry Black Lagoon, probably no spooky fog this time. Attending or planning a special themed event? We'd love to hear about it!

For families holding an evening outdoor activity involving alternatively-styled apparel on Sat 10/31, here is our preliminary look into the FF crystal ball:
* Weather: Generally clear with light winds
* Temps: Mid 50s daytime, 50 F sundown, 47 F by 8 PM.
* Effects: Significant intake of small, multi-colored objects containing glucose and confectioner's glaze is expected.
* Impacts: Increasing levels of high energy outdoor activity, followed by delayed onset of sleep and fatigued elders.

Any schools planning to hold an "Enchantment Under The Sea" dance, we doubt a terrible thunderstorm - or a pre-planned bolt of lightning - is in your future next Saturday night. But if you are testing weather equipment at the town square, make sure you have a permit.
Enjoy this last "normal" weekend of sorts before the busy holiday schedule kicks into gear after next week!
-The FF Maryland Team
Image credit: NOAA Weather Prediction Center Day 7 surface map projection

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