Saturday, December 5, 2015

Another Fabled Fifth...but where's the snow?

9:00 AM 12/5 - Long-time Powderhounds and readers to our sites recall today was known for several years to be a magically re-occurring date of first snow in Maryland.
This quasi-tradition got it's start in Baltimore on December 4-5, 2002 when 7.4 inches was recorded at BWI, with more across the region. The snowfall sequels in the Mid-Atlantic  continued intermittently in 2003, 2005 and 2007. 
Then, in 2009 it reawakened with force on the famous December 5. 

As noted by the Capital Weather Gang at the Washington post, that date was "... the fifth time in eight years that Washington had a snowstorm on December 5."

Weird and wonderful, eh? Now if we could just get some of that wonder back to good old 2015 just like the old days. Thanks to a resurgent El Nino and receding snowcover thus far, the dendritic decorations are not here to help this time. Need some ideas to help restart the holiday spirit? See our recommendations below. 

When will it snow again here? Well, the next best chance for white in a winter night for the I-95 metro areas from Philadelphia on south is not likely until after the season officially starts at 11:48 PM on 12/21. 

Until then, since the weather outside isn't frightful, take advantage of the calm and have some places to go! There are lots of fun events out there to get you in the spirit. 
For Baltimore-area readers, we recommend the Fell's Point Old Tyme Christmas, going on today (December 5). 
Several other festivals nearby include the German Christmas Village in the Baltimore Harbor, and the Annual Lighted Boat Parade tonight at 6:00 PM. 

For a look back on what we and others said about this calendar-centric fractal festival, here's a roundup of past reports.

Photo credit below: New Orleans Times Picayune in December 2008 of teachers and students celebrating the city's first early season snowfall in over 10 years.
-The FF (Powder-starved) Maryland Team


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