Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Weekend Travel Map
Always check before you pack or travel for latest official statements

8:00 AM 12/24 If you're looking for Snow Miser, your best bet is to head far out west to the Rockies and Sierra Nevadas. For the eastern two-thirds of the country Heat Miser is in control through the weekend. Travel trouble spots - and airport delays - will include:
  • Rockies to the Southern and Central Plains: Major Winter Storm to impact this region Saturday and Sunday - noted by the early Winter Storm Watches going up in west Texas and the Dakotas. Be sure to visit for most current official statements on this storm.
  • Southeastern States: Tornado watches, heavy rain, and dense fog today into Christmas Day.
  • Mid-Atlantic and Northeast: Unless you are a skier, ski resort or snow removal company (we hear them wailing in the distance) -- the only hazards this weekend are rain and tropical-like temps in the 70s. Think of it as celebrating the holidays in "Southtown Style!"

Warm wishes to all our Maryland forecast family and beyond for a safe and pleasant holiday weekend ahead.
- From all of us at Foot's Forecast


Andy, Southern York County Pa said...

Howdy Y'all! Hope you are enjoying our south Texas style Christmas. WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO! Manwich has been replaced by pots of hot Chili brewing on the stove while the closet has been raided for the finest pair of Bermuda Christmas shorts that can be found. As one who has ice blood running through the veins during the traditional winter months the AC has been turned on to add a little chill to the family room. The only fire that I will gather around this Christmas is the one in the candle. Not to worry though the traditional burning of the boxes and ripped paper we do outside in the fire ring here in the sticks after the damage has been done Christmas morning is still on! So look to your north Christmas morning if you dare and if you see a glow on the horizon you will know that this mountain man was deemed to be nice and whatever naughty there may have been was fully pardoned by good ole Saint Nick.

Now that you are pumped for a Cajun/bayou/Rio grande valley style rockin merry holiday don't get too comfortable with our foray into the tropics. Like the burn of a nuclear habanero it ain't gonna last! So fire up the Mariachi band Christmas classic CD, boil a pot of crawfish for old Saint nick, and sip one last Margarita, because in about a week from now it won't be the glass that you will be salting but the driveway!


kristia35 said...

Merry Christmas, all.

Snowplease said...

Merry Christmas y'all .Andy I hope you can brew up something for us watching winter storm warnings go up in Texas makes me depressed.

Unknown said...

I wore bermuda shorts and a island shirt to our Christmas Eve gathering. Earlier in the day our pastor said "I can't believe we have the A/C on in December. Think SNOW!!! Merry Christmas to All.

Unknown said...

"Mike here----The current pattern will be collapsing and changing over the next 2-3 weeks. The water temps are NOT the same set up as 97-98 when we got zippo for snow. It makes sense that the results would be different also.

The El Nino values have been crashing for months but the change in the atmosphere is lagging behind.

Mid Jan thru March should be interesting. Remember winter did not begin until now.

12/21/15, 8:53 PM

As I stated above on 12/21 The change is on the way folks. Temps will be reduced and it will be time to watch the southern storm track. NAO AND AO ARE GOING NEGATIVE. Tele connections are moving in the right direction for winter lovers in the east.

Snowplease said...

I hope you are right mike the weather nuts(meteorologist) seem to think the coming weeks shall finally bring some cold and snow. It will be interesting to see if we can get a third year in a row with above Normal snowfall. I think this year we may have a white Easter since its earlier this year and the cold lingers into April but as always time will tell. Andy glad to see your back get the salt ready I think you mountain men will be needing it in the near future.

Unknown said...

The cold will be around. As always, it's if the storm track sets up the right way for us.

We need to get the southeast ridge out of the way and have the trough set up in the east.

That will allow for a more favorable southern storm track. If the ridge hangs on we may see cold air followed by storms cutting to our west, which of course will mean snow to sleet, ice then rain.

Cutters are a waste of time! Southeastern ridge GO AWAY!

Snowplease said...

Yea we want a big kahuna!Mid January looks very cold to hopefully not too cold.