Monday, January 11, 2016

The winds of Winter hasten their return.

4:30 PM MON 1/11 - Surely you felt the vengeance of that wicked wind from Sunday night. By the time you read this, those sword-freezing wisps of cold will be hastening their return to the land on Tuesday. 
This front of cold heralds arrival of another major turning point in our seasonal plot toward a stormy pattern ahead.

A clipper crosses through on Tuesday in daytime, granting the Night Watch a reprieve. Rumors of snow on this day to befall the region may come true, albeit not enough to satisfy eager young lads and lasses seeking a respite from the books (or we gather, their masters.) 
  • Still, squalls of snow are expected before twilight on Tuesday, which may confound evening travelers from central Pennsylvania on south to the DC metro region.
  • Winds expected to gust above 30 mph at times Tuesday night into Wednesday

BEYOND THE WALL - Chill continues to grip the land for nights ahead, and before long the spectre of new storms brewing from afar may challenge the plans of many. Fear not, fellow Powderhounds, we are certain this winter will bring more than dry harsh weather and trees without leaves. If you are not afraid of what lies beyond the Wall, we will relay the foreknowledge in due time.
Fan art for Game of Thrones. Image credit


Unknown said...

Excellent Update!!!!

Snowplease said...

Well the cold and dry and warm and wet pattern continues when will this madness end. We need snow fast any hope is dwindling. Andy any signs for the near future.