Monday, February 22, 2016

Unmasking Winter's Biggest Secret

10:00 AM EST 2/22 - We all enjoy good plot twists and seeing our favorite characters discover long hidden secrets, especially those hiding in plain sight. Weather patterns are no exception. What are your favorite storyline twists?

From the surprise unmaskings in 1996's Mission our favorite foreshadowing theme in National Treasure's "Secret Lies With Charlotte" Kevin Spacey's coy and conniving end game in the Usual Suspects... it's the thrill of not knowing how it all ends, until it ends.

We think Winter 2016 is holding out a similar, surprising plot twist come March. It may go just like those unforgettable films, when you think the storyline has been revealed and it's time to roll credits. Then the !!BAM!! scene happens, leaving us saying, "Didn't see that coming." 

Or did we? ;-)  Below is the long range surface mean projection for 7 PM Friday March 4.


MF said...

One can only hope we have one more healthy snow before spring

ravensbbr said...

Just not feeling it again this year. Blame the groundhog.

Rebecca said...

I'd really love just 1 more snow even if it's not a big one. Then I'll be ready for planting and summer.

Unknown said...

I am not feeling it either. Robins are all over the place. Was in Glen Rock Pa and seen a dozen. Went to Hampstead walking at Cape Horn Park and seen them all over today.

Even if we get another, it will not stick around. I'm tires of these all at one time winters.

Where are the winters that start in December and last into March?

The blizzard was cool but I would rather have winter spread out.

The zero temps did in my well fitting. It burst and I had to dig up 4 feet down at my well and get it replaced.

I'm ready for spring! SORRY-----------

BioPat said...

I think the majority are in agreement it's time to move on into spring. Days like today leave one wistful for the warmer sunny weather except for the pollen which I never like to see.

Unknown said...

This double punch of rain would have been a nice 1-2 punch of snow but it's just another wasted chance.

Another reason to just want to be over and done with it.

Westsidehideaway said...

Hey Everyone. Greetings from West Baltimore. I'm for one more decent storm. The all important sun angle will make it tough but it's still really possible. My fingers are crossed for it. If only so we can all hang out one last time until next winter!!!

Carrie said...

I'm with you, Westside! I'd love just one more storm to enjoy and then I'll be ready for spring, although I'm never ready for the pollen.