Thursday, March 3, 2016

This Is It.
1979 song title by Kenny Loggins in the album Keep The Fire


U.S. GFS snowmap for 1 PM Friday shows a general 1-2" for the region. 
Light snow expected to begin by 9 PM and continue into the AM commute


8-14 day NOAA temperature probability shows a growing chance the 
Eastern U.S. may see much above normal temps toward middle weeks of March.


Morpheus said...

Thanks Mr. foot for all that you and the foots team does. I Joined the insiders side to show my support for the 6 years that I have come back to your site to be better informed and entertained with the blog musings about winter weather fun. In this digital age most everyone (but especially those who have grown up in it) want everything to be free and content to be updated in real time. I think what your team produces is great, especially considering you are not backed by Google, Facebook or some VC capitalized organization. Keep up the great work!

I had an interesting observation on my way home this evening. I was on rout 3 near Bowie at about 7:45 and noticed in the light of shopping centers that there was virgil (sp?) snow falling and evaporating about 100-150 feet from the ground. At ground level there was light flurries, but I could see much more snow swirling not that far up, almost like a cloud...really cool. It was 39 degrees and as soon as it started snowing it dropped rapidly 2 degrees. I stopped for fuel and by the time I got home it was 36 degrees. Snowing lightly now and 31.8 degrees out. Just thought I would share.

Snowplease said...

Thank you Mr Foot for all you do love your posts and analysis. i will always enjoy your guys insight and of course Andy his two cents. On another note just heard the plow go by in harford these guys are desperate dumping salt and nothing is even sticking I just don't understand and what a waste of salt.

Kathi said...

Thank you Mr. Foot and the Foot's team for all you do to keep us informed! It's been another enjoyable winter following along with all of you and waiting somewhat impatiently for the news of possibly another significant snow event before winter is over. This is my second year as an Insider and I am loving the app and especially the texts giving us very timely information on what is coming. Keep up the good work and see you all next year!

Rebecca said...

Thank you, Mr. Foot and the team behind the name! Thank you also to the regulars. I always enjoy reading the banter and projections.

Have a wonderful summer!

Butch Dynomite said...

Well it's a pretty .75 anway

ravensbbr said...

Thanks, Rich. As always, Foot's is my first stop for planning/advising my area of employment as well my personal plans.

I will become a Powderhound Insider for next season, didn't pull the trigger on it this year, but after all I've heard, I'm in for next season.

Been real, ya'll, look forward to more banter and forecasting come next November, stay safe out there!

Mr. Foot said...

Greetings all, we want to issue a special thanks to everyone for the wonderful and engaging discussions that marked such an interesting winter here. The team warmly appreciates your nice comments and accolades!

A special virtual fist bump to the always effervescent Mr. Andy, which some of you may not know has been an advisor with us for roughly 10 years now. He along with the ever dedicated BioPat and Terpguy (current and former science teachers), formulate the "seasoned guard" of long long time public advisors who have kept the fire burning even when we take a break to catch some air.

Long time readers also know that when we go silent for a period of time, it's an indication we don't have much faith in an event panning out.
That said, we will strike a better balance for regular postings so those with business continuity needs will not have to hunt for updates.

Any readers in need of receiving dedicated services from the team, we would welcome a dialogue to discuss ways we can help. Contact us directly:

Unknown said...

Mr. Foot,

I appreciate the efforts of you and your team of volunteers.

A few questions:

1) Why did you take down your post that explains how stretched thin you are and that you are working 16+ hour days?

2) When I read that, it made me think that the "Foot's brand" is stretched too thin, over too many platforms (this site, Facebook, and your Insider service, and perhaps more) and over too much of a region.

3) That is not the fault of the dedicated readers. I guess my advice is sometimes - less really is more. Have you and the team gotten away from your bread and butter - what you were best known for?

When I first learned of this site, I was very impressed, and hoped that it was training future generations of inspired meteorologists. And, hopefully it still is. But, with what I see now - things spread thinly, most information behind a paywall, and an overuse of catchy glitch like Powderhounds, etc., I am not sure how well this would show up on a CV or resume'.

My recommendations are to do what you do best, less is more, and don't work yourself to death. The 16+ hour a day comment was very concerning to me. If that is true, something is aFoot and ought to be changed.