Friday, February 24, 2017

She drives me crazy

"She Drives Me Crazy." - Part 2
-Fine Young Cannibals, 1989
  • La Nina: The main source of your weather frustration due to inconsistency of patterns this season. Why? Lack of a strong signal from multiple factors (Weak polar air, limited moisture transport from oceans, reduced snow cover) produces the type of erratic outcomes we have seen in 2016-17.
  • Are we done? Probably not. Potential is rising for a resurgent period of significantly colder air in the eastern U.S. from March 3 through 15. Several clippers in this period would have favorable conditions to produce snowfall, including ample moisture and overnight freezing temperatures enabling accumulation.
  • Hope for the future: NOAA Climate models are pointing to rising  chance of a weak El Nino by this coming Fall, with some similarities to the 2002-03 episode that produced a snowy winter in the East. Until then, the temperature trends are one reason why the current La Nina pattern drives us crazy -- see below for the flip flop that's coming in the next 2 weeks.
(Red is above normal, Blue is below normal)



Unknown said...

You folks are really eating it this year.

Makes up for being so busy in recent years.

Unknown said...

Wisp Resort in Garrett County announced last night that they are now closed for the season. They've waved the white flag.

Unknown said...

Haha...Me thinks we're aren't dead yet...