Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Is That It?

Is there more, or is this it?
  • INTERMITTENT SNOW SQUALLS into the overnight hours, with light accumulation up to 1/2" possible overnight from central PA to northern MD counties.
  • SQUALLS likely to return mid-morning Wed into afternoon hours, could produce a coating on untreated roads and sidewalks.
  • SIGNIFICANT LATE SEASON COLD AIR (YES, MORE) is set to arrive early next week into next weekend, keeping much of the month's  temperatures below normal. 
  • THREE SYSTEMS TO WATCH next 2 weeks are this Saturday, next Tuesday and the 25th-26th for potential winter weather mischief. See below for 8-14 Day Long Range ideas.

6-10 Day Temperature Outloook: 
NOAA Climate Prediction Center


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Anonymous said...

Nice chemtrails over stonehenge. What is this an advert for them?