Thursday, January 31, 2019

Just think... we've had all this,
and it's not even FEBRUARY yet.

UPDATE AS OF 7:30 AM THU 1/31/19

  • RECORD-SETTING COLD will loosen it's zombie-like grip on the Mid-Atlantic by this weekend. But not before a pesky disturbance tries to spook delay-weary school districts on Friday morning. 
  • THE GOOD NEWS is that due to a blanket of dry air in place, and slow movement of the next moisture pulse, we expect any snow to be light, intermittent and reach a  dusting to 1/2 inch at best in most locations east of I-81. The bulk of precip should be lost to evaporation in sub 20 F air conditions. 
  • THE BETTER NEWS, for now, is that a post-cold blast warmup into the 50s and 60s  next week may make Tundra Thursday seem like it was some bad daymare you had while napping.  See below for temperatures next week.
  • HOWEVER, IT'S NOT OVER. Powderhounds and school officials alike may be intrgued to hear this whole snow-cold-warm and back again pattern is expected to completely REPEAT again after the first week of February. This first visit by your vicious little Polar Vortex friend will not be it's last, this winter.

IMAGE CREDIT: Chicago Tribune and Washington Post

Consider this fair warning, when we are basking in semi-tropical conditions next week fully 50-60 degrees warmer than today, it will be a perfect time to stock up on, well, you know.... 

What can a snow squall really do? Take a look at Buffalo...

By next Monday, it will just be a memory -- at least for a couple days. Until Fiery February turns frigid again.


Tom Wiseman said...

I thought toilet paper also went with the bread and milk. I get mine at Costco so I’m usually pretty good.

Hammer Dog said...

Snow Predicted (Oil in canvas)