Tuesday, March 11, 2008


We will soon be entering the long quiet period when powderhounds go into sad hibernation until the promise of major snow looms again come next winter. While close monitoring of any potential storm surprises will continue for another few weeks, it is obvious to all that opportunities for significant snow in the southern I-95 corridor are just about over. There have been a few exceptions, notably March 1956, 58 and 60. The now finally negative NAO signal may lead some to believe that a coastal storm could pack a last minute wallop, but the strong March sun offsets this possibility in most cases. As we go forward into April, discussion and focus of this site turns first to nailing down the date of the last frost in the Mid-Atlantic. Beyond that, we begin turning our attention toward what the hurricane season may bring. You are welcome to continue posting on snow possibilities as they may yet occur before we close out the month. Thank you to all for your patience and participation in a short but interesting winter storm season. I hope you will return again for more lively discussion next season!