Wednesday, May 19, 2010

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Lead Forecaster: Nicholas Scirico

5:20 PM WED 5.19.2010 Hello to our New York metro area readers welcome to the Tri-State Region. This zone will focus on the three-state intersection of northeast New Jersey, the NYC metro area, southeast New York State, western Long Island and southwest Connecticut. Nicholas Scirico, a student meteorologist at North Carolina State who hails from Albany with a heart for the Big Apple is the lead forecaster for this region.

INTO THE WEEKEND The area should see nice weather for the next few days as the storm system which dropped considerable rain recently has finally departed. By the weekend, another batch of wet conditions could pave their way into this area, making for a not-so-perfect mid-May weekend. The temperatures for the next few days will include upper 70's in the area tomorrow, with temperatures throughout the area near 80 on Friday.
- Forecaster Ryan K.
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The Bayshore Zone
Forecasting and analysis for Delaware and the Maryland Eastern Shore
FORECASTERS: Ryan Krimm & Aaron Salter |

7:30 PM THURS 7.22.10  

Good evening bayshore! Tonight temps will be in the mid 70's with mostly clear skies. Tomorrow temps will be in the low 90's with mostly sunny skies. There is a slight chance of isolated thunderstorms towards the evening. Tomorrow night temps will be in the upper 70's with clear skies. If your looking for great crabs, head over to West Ocean City and go to Hoopers. Have a great night! - Forecaster Aaron Salter

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

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2PM THUR 6/2/2010 Pleasant weather is more so likely in store for this region today! That is the case at least in the early parts of the day. Warm temperatures are likely in the area, and afternoon thunderstorms are going to follow. Temperatures around the region are currently in the mid to upper 80's with nice weather in most parts. However, thunderstorms are beginning to develop in the southern parts of the zone and are heading north into unstable areas. The storms should continue to pop up and become more widespread as the afternoon grows on. If severe weather breaks, check the Severe Storm Center for up to the minute updates from forecaster Jason M. Forecaster Ryan

4:40 PM WED 5/23/2010 Sorry for the delay, but the zone operation has been the topic of discussion for the past few days. I forecaster Ryan, will operate the zone until someone is brought on to run this area. The weather for the late afternoon and early evening today looks to be partly cloudy, with isolated thunderstorms possible throughout the area. The storms could be strong, but will be pulse like storms set off by instability if they develop. The storms will likely diminish after sunset due to the lack of instability from daytime heating. Lows tonight should be anywhere between 63-67 throughout the area from northern sections right down to the coast. As for the day on Thursday, the area looks to be mainly sunny, with highs near the 90 degree mark and only the slightest chance for precipitation. If anything pops up in the forecast, I'll be sure to keep you posted. 

8:30 PM TUE 5.18.2010 Hello to our southern weather kin and welcome to the all-new Alabama and Mississippi zone, developed by Forecaster Ryan K. This being next in line for forecasting coverage, we decided it was time to launch forth! Currently the team is seeking to recruit a highly regarded forecaster to lead and collaborate with others in covering the Alabama-Mississippi region. This zone is a key area as it borders the Gulf of Mexico and is vulnerable to tropical cyclone activity during the Atlantic Hurricane Season. Here are the forecasts for some selected regions around the dual-state area.

TUPELO Mainly sunny in the morning, becoming partly cloudy in the afternoon. High 84. In the evening, thunderstorms could begin to approach the area of the west, low 65. Chance of rain 30% in the evening.
JACKSON Partly Cloudy. A slight chance of a thunderstorm throughout the afternoon. High 90. Lows around 67.
BILOXI Mostly cloudy with a chance of thunderstorms in the morning. High around 87. Low of 69. Chance of rain 30%.

BIRMINGHAM Partly Cloudy with a slight chance of thunderstorms. High 86 with a low near 70. Chance of rain 20%.
MONTGOMERY Sunny. High 87 with a low of 60. (Too far east to receieve any precipitation.
MOBILE Partly Cloudy and warm with a high near 90. A chance of thunderstorms developing later in the afternoon with lows in the evening near 64. Chance of rain 30%.

OIL WATCH It has been reported that the oil is washing up along the shores of the Gulf Coast. The spill has only been minimally contained and the coverage of the oil is spreading throughout the Gulf of Mexico into the loop current. Although the current impacts are mainly on Louisiana beaches, soon AL and MS beaches could be affected.

Monday, May 17, 2010

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The Carolinas Zone
NC State Forecasters: Erik P., Drew D.  Advisor: Forrest P.
Team Contributors: Forecasters Ryan Krimm and Daniel Ross

4:25 PM TUESDAY 5.18.2010 
Much needed rain across North Carolina today may help many yards which have been brown for quite some time to turn back toward green. However, the rain  has shown first signs it is leaving the region for the next few days. Wednesday's weather should feature only the slightest chance for storms in the mountains, with more tranquil conditions in the Piedmont. - Forecasters Ryan K. and Drew D.

Charlotte Mostly cloudy with only a slight chance of afternoon thunderstorms.
High 80 with lows dropping to near 60. Chance of rain 10%
Raleigh Cloudy with a slight chance of thunderstorms. High near 75 with lows around 58. Chance of rain 20%. 

Columbia Mainly sunny throughout the day. High around 86 and a low of 61.
(No chance of rain.)
Myrtle Beach Partly cloudy with only a slight chance of coastal thunderstorms.
High 83 with a low of 63. Chance of rain 15%. 

12:05 AM MONDAY 5.17.2010 Hello and welcome to the new Carolinas Zone! This is Forecaster Ryan. Our team has designed this main site page to complement the the excellent forecast work being done by our reliable North Carolina team of Erik, Drew and Forrest. Here is the first forecast for some of the selected cities in the forecast area for tomorrow. 

Charlotte Rain, heavy at times. High 74. Rainfall accumulations of 3/4'' to 1 1/2''. Chance of rain 100%. 
Raleigh Rain. High 71. Rainfall accumulations up to 1''. Heaviest rain expected in the afternoon. Chance of rain 90%. 

Columbia Rain with a few rumbles of thunder possible in the afternoon. Rainfall accumulations up to 1''. High 81. Chance of rain 70%.
Myrtle Beach Rain and Thunderstorms. Rainfall could reach 1'' and exceed 1'' in the heavier thunderstorms. High 78. Chance of rain 70%. 

Saturday, May 15, 2010

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 Crown's Second Jewel: Lookin at Lucky

6:30 PM SAT 5.15.2010 Congratulations to the owner and jockey of Lookin At Lucky for being victorious in the 2010 Preakness Stakes. The smashing blue skies made for a photo finish of a superb day, helped by lighter winds and temperatures in the mid 70's as projected by Central Maryland Forecaster Greg J. Thanks to all our forecasters and readers for the fun of covering this unique tradition the past few days. Preak On!

All-American Day in Maryland

11:30 AM SAT 5.15.2010
Glorious sunshine and moderate breezes will make for a wonderful day to celebrate the most exciting two minutes in Maryland sports. An early streak of luck has already set for today's wagers, as much improved conditions look to following last night's storms. By today's post time of 6:18 PM EDT at Pimlico Race Course in Montgomery County, MD, despite breezes of 10-15 mph, the 74 F and  sunshine will make you feel so nice, it won't matter if you don't win, place or show in the 135th Preakness Stakes! Follow race forecast updates on our Central MD Facebook page.

Although we have our preak on today for what some consider to be Baltimore's Mardi Gras, there's much more history and revelry than just the edgier infieldfest . This is an gallant event steeped in tradition which is also promenade of who's who across the Mid-Atlantic region. It is a privilege  for the Foot's Forecast Central Maryland Team to showcase some nice weather in welcoming all our readers to a fine slice of Americana right here in Charm City. Photo: Hat's Off article in Baltimore Magazine.

I GOT THE HORSE RIGHT HERE. Remember the fun opening tune "Fugue for Tinhorns" from Guys and Dolls? Since today's weather is clear, is your horse the one who "can do?" If so, vote on our poll.  Mr. Foot of course is rooting for "Schoolyard Dreams"  followed by Lookin At Lucky, with Super Saver for good measure. What's your pick? Note: No member or affiliate of the Forecast Team is using reader votes to place bets of any kind for today's race, nor do we have any financial interest from or for the event.

Monday, May 3, 2010

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The Georgia-East Tennessee Zone
Visit our Facebook Foot's Forecast: Southeast | Severe Weather Twitter Feed
E-mail  Forecaster Daniel Ross: Georgia Institute of Technology 

UPDATE 5.17.2010 10:00 P.M.
Sorry for the extreme lack in updating. Finals got in the way toward the end of April/early May. 

Anyway, the weather in our area has been mostly quiet with a few tornadoes running through the Tennessee area. Over the next few weeks, tornado will come to a close and hurricane season will start up. It'll be interesting to see how the weakening El Nino will affect the tracks this year. 

The stationary front currently over our area will transition into a cold front and will move south into southern Georgia and North Florida, continuing the pop up thunderstorms typical to those areas. Now that this front has passed, we won't see any significant chances of precipitation for a while (although isolated showers/thunderstorms are possible).

Coming Soon: The Socioeconomics of the Oil Spill: An Editorial

Click for radar or advisories
TN: Morristown | GA: Peachtree City 

WSB (Atlanta) | WXIA (Atlanta) | WGXA (Macon)| WRDW (Augusta)
First Coast News (Jacksonville) | WCTV (Thomasville/Tallahassee)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

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Southeast Zones

The link below each banner connects you with latest updates from the Forecast Team dedicated to that region. NOTE: This format is experimental, under construction and part of our transition to a new website coming in June.

Team: Daniel, Chris D., Chrissy W.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

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"Back in the High Life..."
- 1986 single and album title by Steve Winwood

8:00 AM THU 4.15.2010
Southwesterly flow on the backside of the high pressure system will bring warmer conditions north today. Increasing temperatures and rising moisture content of the atmosphere should spawn thunderstorm activity across the northeast and southeast from Friday evening into Saturday morning.

THE 2010 POLLEN AND PEST ATTACK! Much of the Eastern U.S. experienced record precipitation this winter from both rain and snow. Although NOAA reported a generally cooler than December to February overall, millions of trees and flowers began blooming early, firing up the allergy season with force up as soon as winter signed off. The copious precipitation will lead to a record mosquito outbreak this year, rivaling the allergy annoyance. Then there will be those lovely little black waterbugs too. Ahh, the joys of warmer weather.

Projections from the North Atlantic Oscillation are a heads up going into the April 19-23 Earth Week: Negative values of the NAO index suggest cooler than normal temperatures then. This time of year, that is usually accompanied by showers and stationary fronts. The trade-off would be rainy conditions can at least clear the air for allergy sufferers; though it permits more standing water for mosquito larvae to inhabit. We just can't win for losing. Back in the high life again? For Powderhounds, that's the start of Meteorological Winter, December 1. Surely you can hold on for another seven months now, can't you?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

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"Oh what a beautiful morning..."
- from the Rogers and Hammerstein musical Oklahoma

7:00 AM THU 4.8.2010
Like the famous line from Oklahoma, today's temperatures and summer-like skies certainly makes it feel as though we're gettting the Fourth of July cookout ready instead of putting away Easter decorations. The good news is that easterners looking for relief from the heat will get it from the cooler temps to follow tonight's severe storm potential as the front sweeps east. Until then, you know the drill for this setup: Warm southerly breezes will pump in humid air all day, combining with daytime heating and sharp temperature changes approaching from the west. That's a spicy recipe for severe storms by 9:00 PM tonight containing wind gusts near 50 mph and small hail likely.

Georgia and the Carolinas will be in the crosshairs first this afternoon, followed by Virginia this evening and Maryland-Delaware-Pennsylvania into the overnight hours. As time and school schedules permit, our forecasters will be posting updates in our Severe Storm Center throughout the day and into the evening.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"Some like it hot..."
- Robert Palmer in the 1985 single by his band Power Station

7:00 PM EDT TUE 4.7  While some are welcoming this summer preview, many others may not be so thrilled with Robert Palmer's idea of "turning up the heat 'til we fry." Afternoon temperatures in the mid to upper 80's across dominated much of the Eastern U.S., with some locations tying or exceeding record highs of 85-90 or above for today's date. The last time it was officially this warm so early in April at Dulles Airport was April 7, 1991 (84 F) whereas today, Mother Nature did 5 degrees better, reaching 89 F by 2:00 PM EDT.
Regarding severe weather risks, the chances increase by Thursday across GA, AL and TN as well as the Mid-Atlantic region into Friday morning. The warm moist flow ahead of a somewhat stalled front in the Midwest will continue to raise humidity and heat index levels until it moves through by Friday. Outdoor sports fans and athletes alike should keep a watchful eye to our Severe Storm Center for an early word on where the next outbreaks may pop.

With thunderstorm and tornado activity building across the nation, the Forecast Team is seeking citizen forecasters or university meteorology students interesting in collaborating on Severe Storm Center updates. Review our application procedures, submit a letter of intent to and you can become a "face with the place" of Team Foot's Forecast.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

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"Tell me can you feel it...the heat is on!"

6:00 AM TUESDAY 4.6.2010 
With today marking the return of most families to a regular schedule following Spring Break, our headline probably speaks to many corners about the week and months ahead. A summer-like pattern has turned on the heat across the eastern U.S., with a frontal boundary draped over the Great Lakes. Highs today in many areas will reach or exceed 80 F by mid-afternoon. The western Atlantic surface high will feed Gulf moisture through the eastern U.S., setting off occasional bursts of severe weather in the Midwest and Ohio Valley. The eastern seaboard is likely to be spared any significant severe weather outbreaks for the next 36 hours.

Those working outdoors, in second floor school buildings with no A/C, or in after school sports will begin feeling the heat and rising humidity. Coaches and athletes alike: It's time to get back in the habit of hydrating frequently. We're also watching weather for Major League Season Openers, so check your regional forecast zones in the left sidebar on who hits 90 F first today.

Another place turning hot is the expansion of this website. We are fired up to welcome new contributers to our team of citizen forecasters. Student meteorologists Nick Scirico at North Carolina State University and Daniel Ross at Georgia Tech are steaming ahead with development of a Facebook forecast page for the Tri-State Region (NJ, NY, CT). Nick is originally from Albany, NY. NC State students Drew D. and Erik P. are helping launch a forecast zone for the entire Carolinas. In the Mid-Atlantic, Forecasters Ryan Krimm and new forecaster Aaron Salter launched "the Bayshore" for eastern Maryland and Delaware, Greg Jackson pitched forward the Birdland Zone and Jason M. moved on a new Facebook forecast page for the Capital Region. We're also turning up the temp from the southern Chesapeake to the tropics with exciting developments soon to set sail. Winter was just rehearsal for the team you can count on every day of the year. ~Forecaster Foot

Monday, April 5, 2010

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Northern Virginia - Western Maryland
to the West Virginia Panhandle
Forecaster Karl Jackson - Manassas, Virginia

11:00 PM SUN 4.11.2010 
I am back everyone, bringing the Virginia to the West Virginia Zone back on the map!!  I started a new job last month working 15 hours a day which was something that I had to get used to.  Now on to the weather.  There is not much to talk about because it will be pretty much the same for the next 7 days.  Look for highs ranging from the mid 60's to the lower 70's and lows in the 40's.  The only hiccup in the forecast might be on Tuesday night when we might have a chance of showers.  Enjoy the nice weather!!


KEY FOR ZONE MAP (image credit: Sterling, VA National Weather Service)

Red Metro Zone
Green Western Suburbs Zone
Turquoise I-81 Zone
Grey Mountain Zone 
Click the link below for your detailed forecast in each zone

Thursday, April 1, 2010

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"Walking on sunshine..."
- lyrics from 1985 single by Katrina & The Waves

10:45 PM THU 4.1.2010
After the fury of Pour'easter II like so many previous storms this year, many of you were walking on sunshine today. Friday, temperatures across the most of the Eastern U.S. will continue climbing into the upper 70's to low 80's. For the first time since last fall, the entire Eastern U.S. will be blessed with a nice weekend.

Despite wonderful sunshine, our hearts and prayers are extended to residents in the Northeast reeling from the second major flood in three weeks as observed by the Northeast River Forecast Center. It is no surprise the National Weather Service in New York City reported this to be the wettest March on record for some these areas. For example, Central Park, received 10.69 inches of rain for all of March.

- Providence News Journal. Even more stunning is rainfall observations in Rhode Island from Wednesday 3.31A similar 10" of rain actually fell ALL IN ONE DAY across parts of Rhode Island, as shown below in the Significant Event Report from the Taunton, MA NWS Office or click the image for a larger version. Flood Warnings are extended to 5:30 PM today across much of southern New England.

However, data and charts mask the true suffering of people whose lives, dreams and vacation plans were suddenly swept away by this latest round of an harsh El Nino-influenced season thus far. The enclosed MSNBC video gives a sense of how tough it will be some residents faced with resurrecting livelihoods and towns already strained under a difficult recession for many. We wish them Godspeed, hoping the sunshine dries the flood and warms the heart.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

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by PSU Meteorologists Matt Alto and Jonathan Kegges on
7:00 AM THURSDAY 3.25.2010 Today's feature videos are from Forecasters Matt Alto and Jon Kegges. Matt joined the team in December 2009 and has covered the Northeast Ohio area since January 2010. The first video, recorded Wednesday for a Thursday broadcast is by Jon Kegges, a Meteorology senior at Penn State. Jon has forecasted for our Western Pennsylvania Zone since January 2010. Each week Matt and Jon prepare forecast videos for the college sports network, and we are proud to showcase their work to demonstrate the caliber of your Forecast Team.

Matt Alto, a junior at Penn State University majoring in Meterology, provided the Tuesday night broadcast as shown below. Matt was recently rated the #1 most accurate college student forecaster by the North American Weather Challenge Contest conducted by the University of Oklahoma.

Each day this week we will feature different zones or accomplishments of these multi-talented enterprising young men and women. We hope it will inspire you to tell all your friends something like: "Hey go check Foot's site.. there are some amazing kids on there doing national videos and zone forecasters all over the east coast." Putting it in perspective, all that's happened on this site the past six years was just the first inning of what will be a very exciting ball game. Opening day is coming soon, got your tickets?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

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"Not enough time..."

SYNOPSIS  (for those with not enough time)
- Pacfic Ocean temperature anomalies due to the current El Nino cycle remain above historical averages, suggesting that stormy weather will persist through the Spring for much of the Eastern U.S.
- Colder conditions are expected this weekend across the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast as a storm system travels through the southeast while high pressure orients near the Great Lakes.  Brief periods of snow are possible late Friday into Saturday for parts of the Mid-Atlantic.

6:00 AM TUESDAY 3.23.2010  From the not-yet-recovered flood waters of the northeast to the snowmelt floods of the northern plains or the latest round of winter weather in the southern plains -- there's been not enough time in between events for residents to catch a break from the onslaught of 2010. It has been a "Wherever you are" year, as much of the planet has endured a more variable fall-winter-early spring due largely to the cyclical nature of the 2009-2010 El Nino.

As reported by the Southeast U.S. Farm Press, the impacts of El Nino have already caused significant problems for farmers in some areas, yet helped produced a bumper crop in others.  Is help on the way? Perhaps, depending on where you live. Preliminary data reported by NASA suggests a possible weakening trend, but with Oceanic Heat Content anomalies still above 1.5 degrees C, the Climate Prediction Center reminds that effects of the current cycle will linger well into summer.

GREAT. WHAT ABOUT THIS WEEKEND?  The problem with being in an extreme cycle is that it can take a considerable period of time to rebalance.  Thus, the Forecast Team does not recommend you put away all the winter gear just yet in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. As recent as April 6-7, 2007 - some eastern cities saw measureable snow on Easter eggs and gave the bunny a chilly morning trip. We are watching for the potential of a shift in the cold regime from the central plains to the east, with the possibility of a chilly rain or brief overnight snow Friday into Saturday from Virginia through central Maryland to eastern Pennsylvania.

Monday, March 22, 2010

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By Forecaster Ryan K., Dundalk, Maryland

"It's time to say goodbye"

8:45 PM TUE 4.6.2010 Well ladies and gentlemen, after forecasting for the best Spring Break locations, the breaks that many students, teachers, parents, and others experienced is winding down and saying goodbye to everyone. I am sure that next year, the zone will return, forecasting for even more places and in a stronger form. Spring break is meant to enjoy, and I hope everyone that hoped to have some time for themselves did so, because many love it this time of year. Tune in next year as the Spring Break Zone will surely be revived. FAREWELL FOLKS! From Forecaster RYAN.

8:30 PM FRI 4.2.2010 In many of our vacation spots which are being forecasted for, the weather this week was very enjoyable, except for the passing shower or two. In this piece of the forecast, I will be issuing 3 day outlooks for the next 3 days (Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.) These forecasts are going to be in textual format unlike the last set because of the shorter period that is being analyzed. The locations that were previously used are the 14 that will be followed up on. Enjoy!

*Note: COP Denotes [chance of precipitation]


South Padre Island, TEXAS
Saturday: Sunny | Hi: 79 | Lo: 71 | COP: 0%
Sunday: Sunny | Hi: 81 | Lo: 69 | COP: 0%
Monday: Mostly Sunny | Hi: 80 | Lo: 72 | COP: 5%

Cancun, MEXICO
Saturday: Mostly Cloudy | Hi: 86 | Lo: 66 | COP: 20%
Sunday: Partly Cloudy | Hi: 85 | Lo: 67 | COP: 10%
Monday: Mostly Sunny | Hi: 87 | Lo: 66 | COP: 5%

Kingston, JAMAICA
Saturday: Partly Cloudy | Hi: 84 | Lo: 75 | COP: 15%
Sunday: Partly Cloudy | Hi: 85 | Lo: 74 | COP: 10%
Monday: Mostly Sunny | Hi: 84 | Lo: 73 | COP: 5%

Saturday: Chance of Showers | Hi: 84 | Lo: 73 | COP: 30%
Sunday: Mostly Cloudy | Hi: 85 | Lo: 75 | COP: 20%
Monday: Slgt Chc of Showers | Hi: 87 | Lo: 76 | COP: 25%

Saturday: Chance of Showers | Hi: 83 | Lo: 74 | COP: 35%
Sunday: Slgt Chc of Showers | Hi: 85 | Lo: 73 | COP: 25%
Monday: Slgt Chc of Showers | Hi: 84 | Lo: 75 | COP: 20%

Saturday: Sunny | Hi: 80 | Lo: 71 | COP: 0%
Sunday: Sunny | Hi: 80 | Lo: 71 | COP: 0%
Monday: Sunny | Hi: 82 | Lo: 69 | COP: 0%

Cocoa Beach, FLORIDA
Saturday: AM Fog/Sunny | Hi: 77 | Lo: 61 | COP: 0% 
Sunday: Sunny | Hi: 81 | Lo: 60 | COP: 0%
Monday: Sunny | Hi: 79 | Lo: 61 | COP: 0%

Fort Lauderdale, FLORIDA
Saturday: Sunny | Hi: 80 | Lo: 71 | COP: 0%
Sunday: Sunny | Hi: 83 | Lo: 69 | COP: 0%
Monday: Mostly Sunny | Hi: 79 | Lo: 69 | COP: 5%

Disney World Resort, FLORIDA *Orlando
Saturday: AM Fog/Sunny | Hi: 83 | Lo: 61 | COP: 0%
Sunny: Sunny | Hi: 84 | Lo: 62 | COP: 0% 
Monday: Sunny | Hi: 87 | Lo: 60 | COP: 0%

Panama City Beach, FLORIDA
Saturday: AM Fog/Mostly Sunny | Hi: 69 | Lo: 57 | COP: 5%
Sunday: Sunny | Hi: 70 | Lo: 56 | COP: 0%
Monday: Sunny | Hi: 74 | Lo: 63 | COP: 0%

Saturday: Sunny | Hi: 78 | Lo: 56 | COP: 0%
Sunday: Sunny | Hi: 79 | Lo: 58 | COP: 0%
Monday: Mostly Sunny | Hi: 80 | Lo: 60 | COP: 5%

Saturday: Partly Cloudy | Hi: 78 | Lo: 67 | COP: 10%
Sunday: Partly Cloudy | Hi: 80 | Lo: 68 | COP: 10%
Monday: Mostly Sunny | Hi: 80 | Lo: 69 | COP: 5%

Lake Havasu City, ARIZONA
Saturday: Mostly Sunny | Hi: 80 | Lo: 56 | COP: 5%
Sunday: Partly Cloudy | Hi: 80 | Lo: 57 | COP: 10%
Monday: Mostly Cloudy | Hi: 74 | Lo: 52 | COP: 15%

Disneyland, CALIFORNIA *Anaheim
Saturday: AM Fog/Partly Cloudy | Hi: 70 | Lo: 51 | COP: 10%
Sunday: Mostly Cloudy | Hi: 65 | Lo: 52 | COP: 15%
Monday: Chance of Showers | Hi: 63 | Lo: 46 | COP: 30%

10:30 PM SAT 3.27.2010
The big week has finally arrived. For most, this is the weekend in which many people are taking their vacations away from home and are enjoying a true "break." For some it couldn't have came any quicker, and is truly a breath of fresh air.

Enjoy these forecasts for 14 great destinations:

If anyone has any locations that they would like to have forecasted, please drop it in the comments and I will make it happen. Thanks!